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Letter: A reprehensible vote

I have always supported U.S. Sen. Jeanne Shaheen, but never again.

Shaheen and her colleagues on the Foreign Relations Committee voted to expedite American weapons shipments to the mass murderers running the military dictatorship in Egypt. The American government is immorally backing this repressive regime even as the junta tortures its own people and commits more extrajudicial killings attempting to intimidate millions of Egyptians demonstrating for the end of military rule.

Shaheen’s contention that her policy positions in the Middle East reflect “American values” is balderdash. General Abdel Fattah el-Sisi is the latest American-Israeli stooge who, besides terrorizing the Egyptian people, is collaborating with the Israelis through illegally imposing collective punishment upon 1.7 million people by helping to blockade Gaza causing abject misery there. Shaheen, of course, approves; she’s an intellectually dishonest shill for Israel like most of Congress and the American media who mainly function as Israeli friendly propagandists providing abysmal coverage of these events.

America’s contemptible support of Zionist colonialism as the cornerstone of our policies in the region leads to the advancement of reprehensible measures like Shaheen’s effort to aid the tyrannical coup leaders in Egypt. America should standing with the Egyptian people not against them, unlike Shaheen who’s not representing the best interests of this country.



Legacy Comments1

I could not disagree more. Muslim fundamentalists in the Middle East aka Muslim Brotherhood are far more of a danger to the world than the Egyptian military. Like the Palestinians, the Muslim Brotherhood is prone to violence and fundamentalist rule. There is no middle ground, just hatred for Christians and especially Israel. Peace stands a much greater chance in the Middle East with the military in charge in this instance. The Muslim Brotherhood promotes Muslim fundamentalism or a 12th century mindset and religious absolutism. It amazes me that in this country, Christians are demonized by progressives yet Middle Eastern religious fundamentalists are somehow so wonderful and principled.

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