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Letter: Corruption is clear

I am amazed by the numbers of people who are apparently unaware of history where it comes to governments and power. An old saying is that power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely. It really doesn’t matter if that power is in the hands of a king, dictator, tyrant, fascist, communist, Republican or Democrat. When too much power is centralized in the hands of one person or group of people, bad things happen to far more people than the few who benefit. Good intentions play no part in the outcomes; there are no paragons of virtue immune to the disease of power.

Progressives today are pushing for ever more centralized power for the federal government. Already the corrupting effects have been apparent in the scandals, lies, abuse of power and arrogance being displayed in Washington. Democrats who roundly criticized former Republican administrations for abuses seem willing to overlook the same and worse abuses being committed by the current Democratic administration, justifying their willful blindness behind the “good intentions” excuse and applying an “any means justifies the ends” philosophy to advance their agenda. This is a dangerous game because what comes around goes around.

Our founding fathers wrote a Constitution that made perfect sense then and still does if we followed it. But powerful men and women tinker, abuse and disregard it, then claim it is outdated. Really, is that a fault of the document or of those who seek ever more power and control over their fellow citizens?



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Great nailed it!!!!

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