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Letter: Not so fast with that Rainy Day Fund

We all celebrate the news that the New Hampshire economy is improving, resulting in a fiscal year-end surplus. Some have suggested the entire surplus be put into the state’s Rainy Day Fund and that the suggestion is itself nonpartisan. I beg to differ.

Putting the entire surplus into the Rainy Day Fund seems, at first blush, to be benign, even smart. It would, in actuality, serve to validate the draconian cuts that were made when Republicans ruled the State House. It would not give the governor and Legislature any leeway to restore funding of what Democrats consider essential services.

Some of the choices made by the Republicans at the time resulted in decreasing revenue. Not finding other solutions harmed us all, particularly the most vulnerable among us: the poor, disabled and physically or mentally ill. We all pay extra because of poor roads and bridges, minimal funding of higher education, low reimbursement to hospitals, deferred maintenance, decreased staffing or closing of state facilities and the unraveling of the safety net. Let’s celebrate the improvement in the economy without forgetting that this wealthy state has many poor people too. Let’s debate, civilly and respectfully, the amount that should be put aside, without tying the hands of our governor and Legislature in their efforts to improve the lives of all.



Legacy Comments1

There is a LAW in place that was a result of the debate the author desires. That well debated law says 100% goes to the rainy day fund. Conservatives believe laws are written in stone and liberals believe laws are written in sand.

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