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Letter: Carpetbagger, defined

Re “Who are you calling a carpetbagger?” (Monitor Forum, Jan. 10):

My dictionary defines “carpetbagger” as a person from another state or who recently moved into the state and meddles the state’s politics. I go further: a person who moves into or takes temporary residence in a state for the sole purpose of running for office. Their intention is to represent themselves, not the interests of citizens of the state!



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Nope, probably the unfree-staters

Well then, let's break out the Bearcat those carpetbaggers are dangerous.

You talking about when Hillary Clinton moved to New York?

Yes Hillary Clinton moved to New York to run for the Senate. That is obvious.

I would tend to agree, but it is not just "temporary" residence, it is if a candidate moves to a state to run and win office and comes from the outside. Hillary Clinton and Robert Kennedy are two prime examples of politicians who moved to New York and few people complained about them being "carpetbaggers". Now, we have a host of "parachute" candidates here in NH. Many from New York, Boston, etc. Hodes, Shea-Porter, Hassan, Shaheen, etc are not native NH folks and yet they represent the people of NH. I would support if you would that no one can represent the state in Washington unless they are native born or have lived here for a minimu of 20 years. I know that this is leading to Scott Brown but you can't have it both ways. You can't support those you like from elsewhere and accuse others of being "carpetbaggers".

Well now. I actually agree with Itsa. I think that these double standards make a civilized discussion about politics practically impossible these days. They exist everywhere, and both "sides" are guilty.

HILLARY CLINTON is definitely a carpetbagger

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