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Letter: Unanswered duck questions for Campbell

I have been waiting for Nashua Rep. David Campbell to give some explanation of the duck incident for a long time. Last week he finally went on the news, said he was sorry and gave $695 to Audubon.

I’m so not satisfied. There had to be some reason. Was the sun in your eyes, were you reaching for something in the back seat, did you spill coffee at that moment, were you texting? Otherwise, you knowingly drove your car into a flock of ducks in a driveway and killed and maimed several of them. Do any of us know anyone who would drive into and crush animals in a roadway without some excuse? Even if you thought they would move, once you started driving over them, why didn’t you stop? If they were kittens, would you have stopped? Puppies maybe?

It’s just so hard to believe someone would do that, and a state representative as well. You certainly wouldn’t be someone I would want to be friends with, never mind vote for.



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All this over some ducks? Are you people serious? It was a slow news day and something has to fill the time. Perhaps some GOP tricksters laid out a line of grain to lure these suicidal ducks in front of a 3,000 lbs. piece of moving steel. ( sarcasm, since some people have me worried )

Apparently Nashua Police Commissioner Pappas - a good ole' boy network pal of Campbell - helped him flee the scene that day. Now ask yourself, if you weren't doing anything wrong(like say, drinking and driving) when you ran over the ducks, why flee the scene? There's a lot more to this story, and the local media doesn't care, because Campbell doesn't have an "R" after his name.

Mr. Williams, give it a rest about the so-called "liberal conspiracy" against GOP lawmakers in the media. Instead of vapidly pontificating Faux News talking points, try reading the Nashua Telegraph, where the readers have been treated to a daily dose of this non-story. Maybe then if you actually read what is being written in the Nashua Telegraph you might have a clue that your conspiracy theory is just another one of your Faux News fantasies.

Dan..remind him of the state of the state "disrespect" front page photo..that was made up out of whole cloth...one of the best smears ever IMHO

In this case the limousene liberal is a BMW liberal who should NOT get a free pass on his despicable behavior.

While it is true that I occasionally tune in to certain segments of Bill O's show - I can hardly be characterized as a "Faux News" watcher. I watch MSNBC anad CNN more than I watch FOX. And there's another tidbit to "duck gate" - David Campbell sits on the transportation committee. One of his pet issues - distracted driving!

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