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Letter: Higher electric bills coming our way

As residents all over New Hampshire open their first electric bills of 2014, they should consider them a bargain – low-priced electric bills without the hint of a green wind energy additive mixed in.

Should we start preparing ourselves for a significant increase in our monthly electric bills, not because of increased usage levels but higher prices? You see, no comprehensive analysis of feasibility of the proposed amounts of renewable energy has been done to highlight potentially more cost-effective alternatives to renewables, such as further development of our hydro resources or biomass resources in New Hampshire. Is New Hampshire so quick to cash in on carbon credits at the expense of the Lakes Region? At the expense of tourism? Or at the expense of homeowners? It seems evidence-based policy has been replaced with government farce.

And now here we are: Increases are pending on our horizon. Businesses will cry foul and community organizations will not be able to afford the price increases, all while citizens will wonder why they can’t buy cheaper local power.

New Hampshire is an exporter of electricity, because we produce too much of it. I would rather pay someone local for energy than watch a foreign company reap carbon credits – all while sending profits overseas. How did it come to this? Could we someday pay more for electricity than states we export to? I hope I am wrong.



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Price of US Electricity Hit Record for October; Up 42% in Decade ....... Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers showed that in four years, Europe’s electricity costs have “spiked” by 17 percent for individuals and 21 percent for businesses - 100% due to renewables. Even Germany has switched and is building 10 new Coal fired generators - 2 to be completed next year.... Liberals will kill America

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