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Letter: Evidence of climate change never more compelling

Bob Washburn knows a lot about ice-fishing, but he displays his limited grasp of climate science in his Jan. 12 Sunday Monitor column (“Bitter cold winter good news for ice fishers”).

He declares that climate change has been debunked and then makes reference the “Atlantic multi-dectal oscillator.” I assume he means the Atlantic multidecadal oscillation – an ongoing series of long-duration changes in North Atlantic sea surface temperatures with 20-40 year long cool and warm phases.

Rather than being debunked, the scientific evidence for climate change has never been more compelling. Virtually all climate scientists agree that the global climate is warming and that it is associated with increases in carbon dioxide generated by human activity. Polar vortexes occur over both the Arctic and Antarctic and are persistent weather patterns with seasonal variation described as early as 1853. Cold weather events occur when the Arctic polar vortex weakens, causing frigid polar air to spin off and descend southward over the northern hemisphere. The loss of seasonal sea ice during summer months results in warmer ocean water that radiates excess heat, weakening the polar vortex and producing cold weather events. In short, the extreme cold weather that we have just endured may well be another consequence of global warming.

I encourage Washburn and other Monitor readers to take a break from media pundits and draw their own conclusions about climate change based on unbiased information from reputable scientific resources such as the NASA Global Climate Change page available at



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Sigh, what can one expect from people that can't spell "global" and think the world is ten thousand years old.

only a LIDV does not know that Glo"bull" is a play on words. it explains why you are a "d"emocrat.

Well sail, I think that LIDV might not apply. I do believe that PDV applies most often on this forum, the "P" stands for parroting.

Only a LIRV doesn't have enough of a sense of humor to know when his leg is being pulled. Believe me Sail, I am will used to your bad spelling and over use of CAPITALS and abbreviations to try to make your points. It is actually very immature.

Immature? - pot calling the kettle Black - Massive Hypocrisy on your part. QUOTE : tillie wrote: 01/26/2014...."the things I say on here is tongue in cheek and just like to get your side's goat. It is very easy." . Tillie - this is a discussion forum not your personal chat room . Twitter may be more suited for your contributions. Post 3 of 12 on 1/27

Sail, I could call what you do on this site many things, ranting, lecturing, passing on information from right wing blogs. One thing I could never call it is "discussion."

Unfortunately you are incorrect, Sail posts quotes and facts that you folks just don't want to deal with so.......your lame attempt at sarcasm is impotent.

Troglodytes do not fear climate change because it is always comfortable in their caves.

National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) simultaneously released their reports on global temperature trends .....The small differences between the two sets of data are as insignificant as the variations in global surface temperatures over the last decade or so – fractions of a degree...... The Globull warming alarmists have lost the debate - FACT= there has been no warming. Make no mistake about it, the pause is real and it has moved out of the climate skeptic community and into the mainstream of climate science. "A fact that was acknowledged last week by leading scientific journal Nature – which has never been a supporter of climate skeptic arguments – when it ran a welcome news report discussing the pause" usual with this poster, there is less here than meets the eye. While deniers ( don't call them "skeptics", for that would imply a degree of open-mindedness that they've never displayed) seize upon any shred of a factoid to make their distorted claims, their posts are always filtered through some right-wing blog or other--as is sail's most recent brain dropping above. "No warming"? Not quite. The warming has slowed, due to natural variability, but not for the first time have we seen such variability in the modern temperature record. Global surface air temps. have increased by 0.17 degree C. per decade since 1975. But this rate of increase has NOT been constant. The rate of warming during the fifteen year period between 1992 and 2006 was much faster--"statistically significant" according to some experts. AND it didn't fit the computer models used by the IPCC-it was much faster than any of the models projected. Between 1992 and 2006 surface warming occurred at a rate of 0.28 degrees C./decade. In response to this dramatic increase, scientists did what scientists do--try to figure out what was going on. Their conclusion was--surprise!--natural variability in the climate system. The ongoing warming of today due to increased greenhouse gas levels happens within a complex system that includes ocean currents with decade long cycles, as well as the random "noise" of volcanos (and their associated cooling effects) and air pollutants, not to mention changes in the Sun's output of energy. The same thing is happening now to slow the rate of warming--natural variability in a complex system. But the warming has not stopped, or "paused". And it certainly hasn't cooled. The climate system may have shifted to produce increased warming of the oceans over the past decade. But at some point in the near future, the rate of surface warming is likely to increase again, just as it has in the past. And that will be due to the ever-increasing amounts of CO2 we're adding to the atmosphere. usual your copy and past facts that you read on climate change "agenda" sites with little or no understanding of what it all really means. Have you thought about a career in propaganda?

FOUR HUNDRETHS of ONE DEGREE !!!! "Alarmists treat unbelievably tiny differences in temperature if they are meaningful. For instance they contrast the 2013 with 2010. The difference is only 4 hundredths of one degree -- 'NOAA also has 2013 only 0.09 deg [nine hundredths of one degree] above the global 20th century average .Real thinking Americans (obviously excludes ALARMISTS) would concede that difference is too small to be taken seriously. AS always CHECK Alarmists numbers as they dont agree with the JOINT NASA and NOAA conference this week. Globull Warming Alarmism is a HOAX that makes PT Barnum envy them.

NOAA, NASA & Nature Magazine all say you are wrong and each excuse you make has conversely a wealth of real data destroying your OPINION. HEADLINE: Red Hot Lies: How Global Warming Alarmists Use Threats, Fraud, and Deception to Keep You Misinformed.- a great read

No. NOAA, NASA, and Nature all accept that climate change is real, and that CO2 from the burning of fossil fuels is a principal cause. Your claims are as usual, distortions of the scientific findings. There has been no 'pause' in overall warming. The only 'fraud and deception to keep you misinformed" comes from the sites that you cut and paste and contribute to this forum.

Keep digging Bruce - QUOTE : “Even CRU’s Phil Jones admitted in a BBC interview that there had been no “statistically significant” warming since 1995”. QUOTE: “Climate modeler Dr. Gavin Schmidt of NASA GISS comments on the failure of models to match real world observations.”. QUOTE: “UN IPCC Lead Author Hans Von Storch Blasts Climate Scientists: Not The 'Keepers Of The Truth' -- Says They 'Oversold' The Science -- Accuses colleagues of hype & 'methodical failure" QUOTE This is the final proof we're NOT causing global warming? The whole of the Earth heated up in medieval times without human CO2 emissions, Post 5 of 12 on 1/26

When someone uses the excuse that they cant show any globull surface warming for almost 2 decades because it was eaten by the oceans.... all you need to remember is the excuse little Johnny gave to his teacher - "The dog ate my homework"

Contrary to certain claims made by a few, global warming and climate change is a fact of life on the planet. It has happened in earth's past and will happen again. As for the history of earth and climate change man doesn't even rate more than a click of the second hand in that history. Climate change doesn't happen over the course of a year or a decade or even a century, but it does happen. The question is how does man potentially accelerate it. Unfortunately, man is unable to grasp anything that has the potential to immediately effect him. Just remember there will be no do-overs for future generations.

All well and good but if everyone on Earth traded in their cars for a bicycle, it would not make much difference. THere is no "settled science" on what impact man may have.

There has been NO.... NONE....NADA..... globull warming for 17 years & 4 months - The globull warming ALARMISTS are simply no longer believable .......HEADLINES this week : "EPA Chief Can't Answer Question About Obama's Global Warming ." Even the EPA head will not claim there is any globull warming.

None of your claims here are factually correct. The EPA head did not "claim there is no global warming". Even the far-right article you tore the headline from doesn't make that claim. As for the WUWT claim, it is also untrue. The rate of increased warming at the earth's surface seems to have slowed, but it hasn't "paused", or stopped. The oceans have continued to warm, and the warming at deeper levels (700m) has increased.

there is a reason people put things in quotes - it is a sourced material. There is a reason liberals take unquoted comments change the wording and then put them in quotes and attribute them to their invisible whims - it is what they do when the debate is lost

My response was to YOUR statement: "Even the EPA head will not claim there is any globull [sic] warming." My error was in not putting the "no" in brackets to avoid a double negative. Contrary to what you wrote--McCarthy did NOT "claim there is [no] globull warming"--which is what you wrote in your last sentence. From the article in question: "Is the temperature around the globe increasing faster than was predicted, even 10 years ago?” Sessions prodded. “I can’t answer that question,” McCarthy replied, claiming when pressed that it’s a “narrow statement in a very large wealthy of evidence and information.” Feel free to continue to play semantic games. A fair reading of our respective posts on this or any other topic shows which one of us uses quotes that can be attributed to "invisible whims".

READ & WEEP - FACTS always tell a different story than what the ALARMISTS pout: "National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) simultaneously released their reports on global temperature trends in 2013. ....The small differences between the two sets of data are as insignificant as the variations in global surface temperatures over the last decade or so – fractions of a degree. Both tell the same story: the inconvenient truth, that is becoming harder for politicians to ignore, is that average global surface temperatures are statistically flat and have been throughout this century. This trend is also apparent in the other major global temperature records: the two satellite temperature records maintained by Remote Sensing Systems (RSS) and by the University of Alabama in Huntsville (UAH) and also the UK Met Office’s record which is the oldest continuous temperature record in existence. The Met Office will be announcing its full year 2013 analysis shortly and it will almost certainly confirm that the pause has continued for another year." a normal real American reader would celebrate the facts proving NO GLOBULL WARMING. Do the readers know why the Alarmist pout?

You might as well quit feeding the trolls... They will not and do not care one iota for the true facts. Only what they can bend and distort for their own ends are all the facts they need.

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