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Letter: National priorities askew

Finally! On Jan. 14, there was an interview on national television with a Republican senator in which this fact was discussed: After World War II, U.S. debt was 121 percent of our economy. We owed $121 for every $100 in gross national product. Always enough money for war. Never enough money for education.



Legacy Comments2

Excellent letter Nancy. As the old bumpersticker says . . . "it'll be a great day when schools have what they need and the army needs to hold a bake sale . . . " I'm sure the anti-education crowd will be on here today - filling up this thread with their Tea Party/Free-State/Libertarian propaganda and misinterpretations of our founding documents to "support" their "claim" that we should send all our kids to Ronald Reagan University or Glenn Beck Day School or some such thing . . . ignore them.

1) Education is simply NOT a national concern and Dept of Education that does not educate 1 child should be eliminated 2) Waste: How can a 375% education spending increase over four decades result in flat-lined reading, math and science scores? Because all that largesse feeds a bureaucratic monster sheltered from competition. According to Neal McCluskey, the associate director of the Cato Institute's Center for Educational Freedom,...... why have our results have not improved since the 1970s and our costs, ADJUSTED FOR INFLATION, have increased by 240 percent,"

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