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Letter: We need east-west highway

Reading the Jan. 18 Monitor, I noticed that the city is considering an extension of the Langley Parkway in a 2-mile stretch northwest of central Concord. Possibly an even better idea would be a complete extension, north and then east, connecting finally with Interstate 393 and Routes 4/9/202 eastbound to the ocean.

I-393, of course, commences as a very strong road from Concord to the Portsmouth/Dover area, and is reasonably good all along, actually. One reason to complete the loop: It would take pressure off Interstate 93 in between the I-93/393 junction south to the junction of I-93/89. I have frequently seen this part of the I-93 loaded with cars. Doing this would make for a mini Concord bypass, therefore, east-west, while providing for a looping of the city, such as what Manchester has, albeit somewhat primitive perhaps.

Finally, as a grander project, I suggest that New Hampshire should start working with New York, Vermont and Maine (and in conjunction with federal authorities), for the planning and construction of an east-west superhighway between Albany, N.Y., and Portland, Maine. There is no east-west highway in New England north of Interstate 90, after all.


New London

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No we don't.

There was a time when these large interstate road projects were needed, and they were built. A Google of driving time from Portland to Albany shows 4hrs and 5 minutes. Considering the cost of I93 commuter expansion project, I would guess it would cost in the hundreds of $billions to build this grand interstate project. In reality how much time would it save - 30 minutes, 45 minutes if you drove the entire distance. Some may have heard lately that NH can't even pay for the roads and bridges it already has!

I think that is very short sighted. I am sure people said the same thing in the 50's when Eisenhower first planned the interstate highways. "What do we need it for". It would open up a lot of commercial business now for NH and probably Canada. It would help trucking. A road should be built before it is going to be needed someone has to have projections ahead. We have turned into a country that is always looking backward.

Are you for it if those that actually use it pay for it (tolls) or should every person in the country pay for it. If it will help in all those ways you list then the people using it should be fine with paying for it, it’s making them money and saving 30 minutes driving time. Your statement reminds me of the big corporations that went to Congress to support dredging out the harbors deeper so they could get larger ships in to move product cheaper. The very same corporations that hide their profits in offshore accounts to avoid paying the taxes that are needed to dig the harbors out. This is a perfect example of why the country is $17trillion in debt - just keep spending but the ones that want it want everyone to pay for it.

That is quite a leap, from public roads to corporations dredging out harbors. There are roads all over the country that my taxes helped pay for that I will never drive on. Don't worry about it. There will probably be no more grand projects taken by this country again. No trips to the moon. The only huge amounts spent will be for future wars.

Or lame social programs

No leap at all, point is that many people want the government to pay for projects, programs or whatever but those same people don't want to pay the taxes to build it or pay to use the project. I don't even blink about paying a toll if it is worth the money in gas and time.

I really feel if we pay taxes we shouldn't have to pay tolls. Roads should be for all citizens not just the ones who can afford to use them But as I said the Republicans will not allow money to be spent on anything but tax cuts and wars.

No issue here with tolls increasing. And toll booths on i-93 in Salem going both ways and on the MA border on route 3. Use that money to improve the highways.

As long as we're on the subject, what ever happened to the East-West road that Exit 21 on I-93 was intended for? It was obviously planned on at one time.

Dream on, Mr. Lewis, even if President Eisenhower were alive today he couldn't get the modern GOP to approve a dime for new road construction. That is too "socialist" a concept, a road through four states. Why should NH pay for a road that people from other states might use. 393 will never be finished in our lifetime. They won't even pay for the roads that are already built and decaying to be fixed.

Yea.... it couldn't be those pesky liberal environmentalists that stop every project in the name of the spotted owl or the snail darter. History for Tillie - your false rhetoric falls in the face of facts. Facts are never a liberals strong suit - rhetoric is. For 100 points and a gold star - name the critter that is the focus of the latest environmental ploy to stop progress.

So in other words we can plan on your vote for some new road projects?

Tillie, obviously Sail has his very own definition for the word "facts". It seems to mean only things he agrees with.

CHALLENGE - how much time and money have the environmentalists cost the I-93 expansion. Double Challenge - as that information is readily available - dare you to do the time line and tell us if I-93 expansion would be completed today

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