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Letter: Ayotte doesn’t care

After having a hissy fit about veteran benefits being shortened, Sen. Kelly Ayotte didn’t seem too concerned about voting against a chance to reestablish long-term unemployment benefits for her New Hampshire constituents.

I am sure she has a long, detailed reason why she couldn’t or wouldn’t support it. In many replies to letters I’ve written, she seems to ferret out some issue that offends her sensibilities and uses that as the reason for her actions. She is a senator, and the last time I looked senators were in a position to offer an amendment to rectify that dilemma.

I’m beginning to think that, for all her lip service, she just doesn’t seem to care much for the well being of New Hampshire’s struggling middle-class folks.



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washington times EDITORIAL: Exploiting the miserable...Harry Reid thinks he has another partisan weapon in hand"Congress left town Friday for a week’s recess, leaving the emergency extension of unemployment benefits as unfinished business. Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, for all his huffing and puffing about how important the extension is, leaves for Las Vegas betting that exploiting the misery of the unemployed will pay bigger dividends next November than lending them a helping hand now. In an email Wednesday for the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee, Mr. Reid urged supporters to sign a petition to “demand that Republicans extend unemployment insurance with no strings attached. Read more: FOR THE LIDV readers - when Reid says NO strings he means NO amendments

Harry Reid himself pulled the bill off the senate floor - It has yet to be even voted on. He is a democrat last I knew

Couldn't agree more with you, John C. Senator Kelly Ayotte is coming up as shallow & transparent as wet crepe paper. She apparently is of no more fiber than her pre-election email, that gushed of an ambition to be a US Senator. Reminds me of that high school class president you immediately regretted voting into office. What a huge disappointment. That's okay, there's another election coming up, and she'll be gone like a breakfast fly that stayed too long on the kitchen table. Just another faded footnote in NH politics. Personally, I can hardly wait.

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