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Letter: ‘Packing’ versus ‘no packing’ zones

Where is Wyatt Earp when you need him? Didn’t the Earp brothers require that handguns be surrendered to the sheriff or marshal’s office upon entering Wichita or Dodge City?

Is the modern equivalent that before going in to a movie theater anyone who is “packing” must check his or her gun with the gun check person? Alternatively, can we have gun-toting and non-gun-toting sections of the theater, separated by bullet-proof glass?

We are used to no-smoking zones in bars, airports and restaurants. Should we up the ante to “packing” versus “no packing” zones separated by armed guards? What would it do to the business community to have on the front door a sign warning that “This is a smoke-free and gun-free establishment?” Is it so hard to imagine gun-free restaurants, or alternatively, restaurants and bars that encourage patrons to bring and proudly wear their firearms (concealed or otherwise)?

Imagine the ultimate freedom of choice: to be able to choose your theater, restaurant or bar on the basis of whether you feel safe. I wonder how that would play out statistically?



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What we ought to have is mental illness free zones.

Who cares what was required in Wyatt Earp's time. The gun power that people have in 2014 couldn't even have been imagined in the old west. Everyone should be allowed to pack, malls, theaters, planes, schools, courtrooms. So what if a few innocents get killed in the crossfire as long as a gun owner's rights are upheld. Hopefully no one in NH knew anyone that dropped their kids at a mall in Maryland today.

BAN AUTOMOBILES!! I mean, they don't have hooves! They don't eat grain and hay! What kind of ghastly conveyance are they?!?!?

Here's how it would play out statistically, Mr. Stein: Places where only criminals have guns(i.e. the "no packing zones" in your letter - or Chicago, Detroit, etc.) would have more gun crime than the places where law-abiding citizens have guns(i.e. "packing zones, or VT, NH, etc.)

Restaurant, theater or bar where you feel safe? Well in Concord it would be the uh-Red-uh-River-uh-Theeeeeaterrrrr the most that will happen there is that someone will hurt your feelings with their quick wit about climate change.

Itsa, why do you feel such a compulsion to spew venom at every opportunity?

Venom or exposing the truth about a particular group of individuals and their high minded, self congratulatory enlightenment. I know, I know, the hoi polloi should just be silent and understand that the self appointed, intellectual elite know best. Not!

I happen to enjoy going to the Red River Theater - and I don't pronounce it like that.

First, Wyatt Earp didn't require it, Tombstone's government did. Second, in Earp's Tombstone, the Heller and McDonald decisions didn't exist. They do now. Trump.

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