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Letter: What to do with the remaining Nashua ducks

On Dec. 23 at 9:30 p.m. five ducks were run over and killed in front of a Nashua hotel. Ducks are not nighttime animals. If you can gather a dozen or more with a few crackers, then those birds are starving to death.

Yes, we must feed and shelter them for the rest of the winter or many more than five will die. We care for these beautiful creatures until spring. Come spring, anyone feeding these birds should be fined $50 or more. Come fall, the hotel can buy a simple noise machine that will scare them away. The ducks will naturally migrate to their winter feeding spots. Come spring, they will return.

These wonderful animals did not migrate because they believed we would continue to feed them. Now, in mid-winter, not to care for them would be the sin of sins. We care for them or harvest them for food, but we do not let them starve or freeze to death. One hundred thousand words or more have been written about how five ducks were killed. There have to be at least 100 true animal lovers who now know what to do.



Legacy Comments1

Dude, I was one of the first people to actually write about the feathered, web-footed participants in this story rather than the two-legged, human ones. It's not duck season right now. Even if it was, the ducks in question could hardly be considered wild and no ethical hunter would confuse killing these ducks with "hunting." Killing them now would not be hunting - it would be slaughter. That is preferable, however, to letting them starve to death. I agree that they either need to be killed and perhaps the meat donated to a local soup kitchen or homeless shelter - or fed through the remainder of the winter. I do question, thought, whether or not, after an entire winter of feeding, that these ducks wouldn't show up on the doorstep of this hotel again next fall. It remains to be seen whether or not a summer "in the wild" will be enough to make them forget the easy pickings they received this winter - if we do in fact keep them alive with supplemental feeding. I wish them the best. And I'm sorry they had to even be in the news at all.

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