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Letter: A bill to stop cruelty

The time has come for all animal lovers to come together as one collective voice and show support for Andrew!

House Bill 1579 is also called Andrew’s Bill. It will restrict the methods used for fur trapping in our state. Many of you may recall the sad story of Andrew, a beloved canine companion who was killed by a cruel conibear trap in Auburn in December 2012. This bill will take steps to protect non-target animals from agony or death because of innocently getting caught in a body gripping trap.

Also, Andrew’s Bill prevents needless cruelty to all animals as it restricts the archaic trapping methods still currently in use by the state.

Please join me and other animal lovers on Thursday when Andrew’s Bill will be heard by the House Fish & Game and Marine Resources Committee. The hearing will begin at 9 a.m. in Rooms 305-307 in the Legislative Office Building. Come early to get a seat and sign in showing support for Andrew’s Bill. If you cannot make it to the hearing, you can still help by contacting your legislator in support of HB1 579.

This is the link to find your legislators Together we can make a difference, and Andrew will not have died in vain. Thank you and I am looking forward to meeting compassionate people who work to stop unnecessary cruelty to animals.



(The writer is a member of New Hampshire Citizens Against Trapping.)

Legacy Comments5

We'll see you there. Hunters, anglers, and trappers will be out in force to make sure they label this bill ITL.

This isn't a contest. It is an advocacy bill. If you want a contest watch the Superbowl!

Please tell me where in my post I said it was a contest? I missed that part.

You act like it is a contest in numbers, "out in force". I am just simply stating that it isn't one. It is an advocacy bill against unnecessary cruelty to animals. This is not an attack against the hunting community, trapping will still be allowed. It will just not be under the archaic and cruel methods currently in use.

I've lived long enough to see what happens in "slippery slope" arguments like this. When you say "this is not an attack against the hunting community" are you referring to bear hunting? Bear hunting has already been taken away(in NJ, before Christie allowed it again) and is up for debate in Maine. If this bill is past, how can you honestly say that it is the last such bill to be written? How can you say that if the animal rights crowd wins this victory that they'll just pack their bags and leave? History shows that they will not. The best predictor of future behavior is past behavior and past behavior tells us that the animal rights community will not stop until ALL HUNTING, ANGLING AND TRAPPING IS OUTLAWED.

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