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Letter: White Mountain high

I hate to spoil anyone’s buzz, but if you have ever smoked pot or been around a bunch of people who are stoned, you understand why they call it dope.

Don’t get me wrong: What an adult lights up in his home is his own business. It’s what is going to happen on our roads and in our schools if pot is made legal – and easier to get – that concerns me.

We have all had close calls while driving with jerks crossing the yellow line while yapping on their cells or texting. Add to that a half-smoked joint in the ashtray, and that is asking for trouble.

Ask any high school teacher: They have enough glassy-eyed, stoned kids in their classrooms as it is. We don’t need them getting into Mom and Dad’s stash.

The state lawmakers in Concord should give this some more thought before we all start driving down Interstate 93 with the song “Rocky Mountain High” blasting on our radios.



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