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Letter: Legalize marijuana? Consider the consequences

According to some, the legalization of marijuana is not only inevitable, but imminent.

We’re all familiar with the old adage, don’t go food shopping while hungry. When this law takes effect, the potato chip guy is going to need a bodyguard, and Little Debbie will be crying for her momma. All munchie vendors should whitewash their trucks now to avoid conga lines of cars following them around town.

For the record, anyone who has received that irreverent AARP packet in the snail mail, just one dad-blasted business day after his 50th birthday and claims he never inhaled, is lying through his bleached white teeth. I’m one such lucky recipient, thus by no means holier than thou with regard to cannabis. My favorite albums from the 1970s were Exile On Main Street for listening and Tupelo Honey for cleaning (for the noninhalers, that was the primitive process of filtering out the seeds and stems).

But that was then and this is now. I have long since lost my roach clip, and the silver bong went in a yard sale prior to the Clinton administration. No, no, no, I don’t smoke it no more.

Decriminalization? Yes, to some degree. It seems inherently wrong to make a pot smoker shower with an ax murderer. But I’m not ready for the public abuse that will surely be a by-product of legalization.

Annoyed by that wall of tobacco smoke outside the entrance to the supermarket? Just wait. It’s about to get sweeter.



Legacy Comments3

I'm sorry that you apparently missed the main point of my "drivel", which wasn't about jail time, or even the Right Wing Repubs. Please allow me to try again. My concern is with the public abuses that will surely accompany the pervasive legalization of marijuana. Specifically, the nonparticipants who will be involuntarily affected by the inconsiderate actions of these perpetrators. Please don't insult our intelligence by coughing up any "drivel" about how it won't happen. You know it will. I really don't give a Zig-Zag who does what within their own confines. Strap on that tie dye mumu, crank the Grateful Dead, and get so baked until you beg, "please tell the postman I didn't kill anyone". Just as long as your smoke doesn't infiltrate my breathing space. But that's not how it will go down. Pot smokers will disregard basic consideration to others, left and right; especially after a few "dubes". So, it's really about those of us who have opted not to inhale. It's not about a handful of ol' hermits living in a van down by the river. -SPH

The marijuana laws are a triumph of right wing political manipulation. Marijuana’s Schedule 1 status was an executive order by President Nixon. He had multiple reports recommending marijuana’s medical benefits, he even rejected the recommendation of his own cherry picked commision. He inscribed in US law that marijuana has no recognized medical or spiritual use. How absurd. It has been used spiritually and medically throughout recorded history. Marijuana was a symbol of peace that was associated with the Vietnam war protest. Draft age students could not be arrested for protesting. The effects of marijuana, non-aggression and compassion for others were a threat to national security. The marijuana laws were crafted to put millions of liberal peace activists in jail and remove their voting rights forever. A young Carl Rove was on Nixon’s staff. He bragged that the law would polarize the country and that the Republican party would manipulate and control the factions for political power. And they say that President Obama is a tyrant for encouraging congress to pass a health care law.

Consider the drivel.

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