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Katy Burns

Katy Burns: Memo to Scott Brown: Get serious!

Dear Scott Brown, late of Massachusetts and now of New Hampshire:

Here’s a bit of advice from one of your many new Granite State neighbors.

Please, get serious. Run for the Senate. Or stop the prolonged tease you’ve been subjecting your party and your potential rivals to. Not to mention the worthy voters of this state, who are beginning to wonder if you have the gravitas we expect of our public servants.

Your two latest appearances on the front pages didn’t really do much to dispel the growing suspicion on the part of a lot of us that perhaps, just perhaps, you’re not a serious person.

The first was your shirtless romp on Hampton Beach a few weeks ago. Yes, yes. I know you were supporting a fine cause when you – with scores of others – joined the Penguin Plunge, stripped down and ran into the ocean to raise money for the Special Olympics.

For years, in cold climes packs of adults of every size and gender have been dashing into icy waves in the winter, often to promote a cause. And just as quickly they race back out of the water and into dry togs. It is, after all, cold. But not you. According to news accounts, you just kept cavorting in the water until life guards told you to come out.

And when you finally did emerge from the waters, you hung around shirtless, a nice contrast to other folks surrounding you who were clad in bright red shirts touting the show’s sponsor. Which was, no doubt, why your photo was on front pages all around, prompting one friend to wonder aloud if you thought you could counteract the GOP’s image problems with women.

But it’s one thing to be, as you once were, a 22-year-old hunk in an artfully nude pose as the centerfold of Cosmopolitan magazine. It’s quite another to strut your 55-year-old stuff on Hampton Beach in February.

Then there was the renting of your political mailing list to some right-wing media outfit which promptly – using your letterhead and your name – blitzed your supporters’ email boxes with spam from a crackpot doctor who likes issuing baleful warnings about the imminent danger to mankind from vaccines, fluoride, MSG, the artificial sweetener aspartame and aluminum cookware. This guy’s latest paranoid fantasy is reportedly that health care reform is actually part of a vast conspiracy masterminded by extralegal organizations trying to euthanize large numbers of Americans.

Needless to say, this craziness is not supported by even a scintilla of science. It’s unfortunate, Sen. Brown, that you appeared to endorse it. Again, it sure gives the impression that you’re a less-than-serious person.

Too bad your bid to be elected to a full term in the Senate from Massachusetts flopped. It must have been hard after your eye-popping capture of Sen. Ted Kennedy’s old seat. You were Scott the Democrat Slayer. National attention was lavished on you, your lovely family, that truck and above all the barn jacket. Must have come as a rude shock when, after all the shouting died down, Bay State Dems just weren’t that into you.

You recovered nicely from your defeat, though.

Within what seemed like just weeks you signaled that you weren’t really interested in running to finish John Kerry’s Senate term. Or in running for governor later this year. And then you began jetting hither and yon – yon being mostly Iowa – coyly implying you wanted to play a role in national politics. You also drove up to our state regularly, feeding the local GOP nabobs’ sense of importance and handing our senior senator, Jeanne Shaheen, a great fund-raising cudgel.

More to the point, I think, you really made major changes in your personal life. Within a year of losing that Senate race, you took a paying gig as a talking head on Fox News. You were appointed to at least one corporate board of directors. You joined Nixon Peabody, a major Boston law firm. You helped to found a hawkish pressure group, the Bipartisan Coalition for American Security. And you signed up as a consultant for some outfit called Global Digital Solutions. All in all, it looks as if you’re enjoying a pretty lucrative post-Senate lifestyle. And many of those speaking engagements you’re embarking on may well pay tidy fees as well.

Sounds like a life pretty well-removed, financially, from part-time modeling, practicing real estate law from your house and serving in a bunch of elective jobs.

Maybe you sold your Massachusetts house and moved to the family’s vacation home in Rye because you want to run for Shaheen’s U.S. Senate seat. But I wonder. For perhaps the first time in your life, you’re earning big money. And so maybe – like many other high-income folks – you’ve moved to New Hampshire because you don’t want to pay state income tax on all that dough.

Hey, we get that! Heck, we promote that. So it’s okay, truly.

But what’s not okay is this silly will-he-or-won’t-he game you’re playing. So make up your mind, and then speak your mind. Or as my old friend Mary Angela’s no-nonsense mother used to say when we’d dither about things: Piss, or get off the pot.

Meanwhile, Scott Brown, welcome to New Hampshire!

(Monitor columnist Katy Burns lives in Bow.)

Legacy Comments63

Apology accepted Bruce. As far as Benghazi goes, for me there are still a lot of unanswered questions. Who are the unnamed sources that state Stevens turned down extra security twice? Hicks had an explanation in the WSJ that was not included in the final report. Why would someone like Stevens who was begging for extra security turn it down when it was offered? Just does not make sense to me. Why would the State Dept blame a video if in fact they knew it was a terrorist attack? Why did the state dept delay all the info getting to the panel that was investigating what happened? Why are folks okay with not accepting a complete report of what happened? Why was access denied to witnesses that were actually there? You can blame this on politics, but any fair minded person has to accept the fact that we still do not the truth about what happened. We never will in my opinion, too much is missing to put the puzzle together.

The Senate Investigative Report, for one, contains this information: "The Defense Department had provided a Site Security Team in Tripoli, made up of 16 special operations personnel to provide security and other help. The report says the State Department decided not to extend the team’s mission in August 2012, one month before the attack.In the weeks that followed, Gen. Carter Ham, the head of Africa Command, twice asked Stevens to employ the team, and twice Stevens declined, the report said."

ItsARepublic: Memo to Katy Burns: Get Perspective!

I can just imagine the screams of "carpetbagger" if one of the Kennedys moved here and decided to run for the senate.

Hillary Clinton was a "carpetbagger". In fact the only native born representatives we have in Washington, DC are Kuster and Ayotte. In reality, Hodes was a carpetbagger, Hassan is a carpetbagger, Shaheen is from Missouri, she is a carpetbagger and Shea-Porter is from New York, yes, a carpetbagger.

If he runs, will we see more topless photos, a la Putin?

I don't know, if Shaheen runs will she grace the cover of the Betty Crocker cook book? If Hillary Clinton runs, will she continue to allow Bill to sleep around and will she pantsuits "in" again?

Living in Franklin Ma. Scott Brown started his political career in my district. An unknown. Every week there was a political advertisement in everyone's mailbox. It must have cost a fortune because the smallest town in his district has over 20,000 inhabitants and I think (I won't bother to look it up) there are four or five towns. That money must have come from somewhere and I believe he was being groomed for office by the right-wing. He did win!

Franklin, MA......if he can win there, he can win here.

I thought that was part of the Republican National Committee's no information program. Stage a fake candidate so everyone gets focused on that person keeping actual candidates shielded from answering any question about themselves........... Please RNC - we need more information about politicians and party platforms, not less.

Federal judge: For blacks, ‘voting rights’ include identifying Democrats on ballots. City of Kinston voted to stop listing candidates’ party affiliations on ballots. Obama Justice Department barred the city of Kinston, N.C. from holding nonpartisan elections — reasoning that lack of access to party affiliation would discriminate against minority voters who otherwise wouldn’t know how to find Democratic candidates on a ballot. NOW YOU KNOW WHO THE LOW INFORMATION VOTER REALLY IS - DEMOCRATS

Once again, Katy is decrying a particular Republican's behavior as ludicrous while completely ignoring a Democratic example of the same behavior. Can anyone say H-I-L-L-A-R-Y???

Same behavior? Did she go topless and work for Fox too?

Been out of the country for a few weeks and just returned. Surprise! nothing has changed. Bruce is still practicing his denial that he actually does what he accuses others of doing. Tillie is still twisting what folks say and avoiding issues, and KB is still writing pieces that refuse to look at her own party's actions. Guess I did not miss much. Oh Yes, President Obama delayed yet another mandate for the ACA, you know that law that had to be passed so everyone could see what is in it. Some things never change it seems.

And all the conservative posters are just wonderful, wonderful. So glad you are back, we needed an unbiased opinion like yours.

Oh Tillie, your unbiased sincerity is heartwarming. We all strive to be as unbiased as you are! I bet you are thrilled I am back! NOT!

Actually, I never noticed you were gone.

Yeah right, you were not hoping I dropped out of the forum like Van did? We all know that you and your buddies would be in a state of Nirvana if this forum was all Progressives. That is pretty evident by the fact you never address the questions, just deflect by name calling and being snarky.

And which questions would that be? Benghazi? Obamacare? Same old, same old. Please, I give you permission to ignore me if you find me being "snarky." I will do the same for you. I could never tell the difference between you and GWTW anyway.

I agree Rabbit! Such tolerance, such open mindedness, embracing the diversity of opinion and all, she is a charm. Hey, where did you travel out of the country? Were you overseas getting medical care in one of those wonderful single payer health care systems? I figure the third world will soon have better medical care than we do here soon.

Actually I was on holiday. If I expand on where I was, I am sure I will get a lot of flack from the usual suspects. I did see some humpback whales migrating and that was amazing. They were very close to the boat I was on. Temps were 83 every day and sunny. Wonderful holiday, a bit of shock landing in Boston though. Was 83 when I left, and 0 when I landed in Boston.

And your views are not biased?

Well, as they say, you can't fix stupid. I have stayed away from this site for the week. It was making me sick to my stomach to imagine that people actually think the way that those folks do.

Instead of asking a rhetorical question that you know the answer to already - why don't you admit that you also know the answer to what I was getting at - Hillary has been teasing the public that she will run/won't run/will run again/won't run again ever since she ceased to be First Lady.

Well, maybe she hasn't made up her mind yet. You know how it is with women. This weather is making everyone grouchy.

The excuse machine for Hillary is on overdrive. Notice she is never held accountable for anything. And also notice that her top defenders are women who are so desperate to have a woman candidate, they are willing to give her a free pass on everything, especially the fact that she is the poster child for being married to a man that treats her badly. So much for independence, intelligence and setting a good example for your daughter. She is one of those women that touts women power and folds when it comes to her marriage. I am woman hear me wimp out. No excuse for her sticking with a loser for a husband. Yet other women think she is powerful and intelligent. They also gave her a pass on Benghazi and the fact her whole tenure as Secretary was nothing more than a world wide photo op.

you forgot to mention that Hillary is a pathological liar. What is scarier is the number of people closely associated with her that have died untimely deaths

You should enlighten us on all those "untimely deaths." This thread could use some levity to break the tension. The information presumably comes from your "Foundation"? Or is it from some of those congressmen and senators you hob-nob with?

you could ask the editor if Anonymous Sail is for real - unless as usual you want to be proven wrong ...... again

Speaking of being proven wrong ...again...still waiting on another thread for you to provide a credible source for your claim that the Turkish envoy who dined with Ambassador Stevens the night of the fateful Benghazi attack left the mission passing through a phalanx of Al Qaeda terrorists. Perhaps your "foundation' can provide the answer.

Following up on my comment above, the poster could also address another fact he denied and then walked away from when confronted with the truth on the same thread--denying that there were a dozen or more separate attacks on diplomatic outposts during the Bush2 years that barely earned notice. That doesn't excuse what happened at Benghazi, which was a joint State Dept/CIA screw-up, but it does suggest the extent to which the Benghazi issue turned into a witchhunt.

Was there a question in there somewhere you would like me to discuss?

We have pretty much given up on you discussing anything Tillie. That is not how you roll. Your gig is to insult, assume and attack anybody that has a different view than you. As you put it, you like to get people's goat. Then you twist words and play the victim role when called out.

Thankee, thankee. Pretty hard to discuss something with a mind set in stone, but if I can get under your skin then my time has not been wasted. As I said before it is hard for me to have a battle of wits with someone who has no ammunition, so please feel free to ignore me.

It is also pretty hard to discuss something with somebody who refuses to address the questions. This is a forum about discussing issues, not goading folks. I have plenty of ammunition, I just chose to discuss issues as opposed to ignoring them and being snarky. I will respond though when I am harassed. The forum has no purpose if folks are not honest about addressing points and counterpoints. That way we see all sides. Goading folks is something teens do in middle school. I thought you libs were against bullying.

RabbitNH, good points. Here is how discussion should go on this person says "I believe that .......," the other person might respond, "I can't understand why you feel that way because..." and then back and forth. The way that progressives play the game here you would say "I can't believe that Obama lied about Obamacare....". Then progressives respond with....."statistics show"..."a study was done"......etc. Same with global warming and any number of topics and issues. Until we can understand why people think and believe and hold opinions and find some way to meet in the middle, we will never heal the divide in this country. It convinces no one when people start posting lengthy diatribes about issues with every study and statistic. It is so frustrating when people on the Left post that the economy is recovering and they knowingly use the government twisted statistics and unemployment rate so say "the discussion is over". Statistics mean nothing when the story on the ground in real time is exactly the opposite. If a person posted about global warming and said for instance, "so your issue with embracing it is that you feel it will have a negative impact on economic prosperity, so what do you think we could do to lessen it?" Then a discussion might ensue but when someone pounds their chest as if "the science is settled, the discussion is over, we must stop consumerism, shut down industry, stop drilling oil and the oceans are rising and will flood New York" etc. then it is the wild wenst

Feel free to start a real discussion on climate change at any time. But It needs to start by acknowledging the science on climate change, recognizing that the deniers are fraudulent, and not make up a strawman argument about what needs to be done. Anything less is a waste of time.

You can't start a discussion by dictating that the end result of that discussion be your reality. And what needs to be done, in your own posts is all sorts of things which will have a negative affect on our lives, our prosperity, our comfort, our financial situation and our freedom, so that is not a "strawman argument". Are you aware that a majority of the citzens in this country do not believe that climate change is caused by man. The politics around the agenda give off a foul stench, that is the real issue and people harping on it (Harpers?) just turn people off. Your approach is arrogant, keep up the good work and you will continue to convince people that it is more about politics than climate change.

No, it's impossible to have a genuine discussion with those who prefer fantasy to reality, who deny that science works by uncovering fundamental laws that apply universally, who see dark conspiracies wherever they look, consistently make up their own facts, and refuse even to accept standard definition of "left" and "right" in their comments.

Thanks for making Itsas point - Now this for discussion.....HEADLINE: "Debunking the 97% ´consensus´ on global warming"

When did "american thinker" become a climate scientist?

Right after Al Gore and John Kerry....Combined they have a carbon footprint greater than a small country.

The difference is that Gore and Kerry are stating plainly the findings of climate science. "American Thinker" is parroting the claims of the deniosphere--at best second-hand and distorted claims about the science intended to disseminate half-truths when they're not out-right falsehoods.

PARDON ME. I hadn't realized that someone had died and left you the boss of what kind of forum this is. Maybe you should have a talk to Sail. Do you really think "pathological liar Hillary" and hinting she had been murdering people and the names he calls Obama is "addressing points and counterpoints and seeing all sides." I know when I use satire I don't think you know when you do and until the Comment Moderator has a complaint with me I think I will just write what I want and as I said you are free to IGNORE me and then you won't be "harassed."

Your Pardoned Tillie. All forums in my opinion are places to discuss issues, pro and con. As far as satire goes, I think you have the meaning of the word confused. Your posts are not satire. They are what you admitted to, getting people's goats or pushing buttons. Maybe your hoping to goad them enough to get an emotional response so they will be kicked off the forum, and it will be all progressives here. Do not worry about me being harassed Tillie. I grew up in a very tough city and can handle myself very well.. I love it when folks actually take what I said and give an opposing view. Sadly that does not happen much with the left. They just name call, assume and respond to issues on emotional levels.

Ok then. I know what satire is, I just think you don't recognize it when you see it. All you right wingers take this opinion page much too seriously .No one's opinion gets changed on here. Everyone just uses it to reinforce what they already believe. Liberals too. Sorry to nitpick, but it should be "you're pardoned, Tillie. Finis.

If you have to apologize for correcting folk's spelling, here is a novel thought. Don't correct them! My opinion has been changed on this forum. I have found out valuable info as folks do not often read all media, but instead prefer to read media that reinforces their beliefs. You know who you are. Do I believe you are sorry to correct my spelling? Not in this century. My guess is that correcting folks gives you a sense of superiority. Yes you do practice satire now and then Tillie, and I am aware when you do. But for the most part you use this forum to attack folks who disagree with you. I am surprised you have not commented on my holiday.

Oops, hit a nerve again.

"Discussing issues"? When did you start? Asserting opinions that have questionable--to be kind-- basis in fact, is more like it. But if you're intending to turn over a new leaf, here's to a less dogmatic rabbit. Or was that a rabid dog?

Now that response is what we have come to expect from you Bruce. Your the one on here that states others provoke. Calling someone a rabid dog is pretty crude. As far as questionable opinions go, I suggest you look at your sources for your opinions. They are biased and echo your political blindness. I have yet to see you respond in a civil manner to anybody that disagrees with you. Not sure why you are not on a forum that just has Libs on it. That way you can just have your beliefs reinforced. You obviously have issues with civil discussion. .

Why are you on here? I have been told UL has a great righty web site. You say you want discussion but if anyone doesn't agree with your preconceived ideas you get all vindictive, saying someone is not your friend when you know it is just a manner of speaking. You seem to have come back from your vacation in a foul mood.

Oh boy, caught it first, "I before "e" except after "c". Phew, close one.

Why are you on here Tillie? How would you respond if I called you a rabid dog? , or accused you of distortions, then when you asked me what those distortions are I went silent? Is it you stance that when folks are called names they should just be quiet? You seem to have the notion that is okay to be nasty, but when the folks you are nasty to respond, you get all huffy. You get back in kind what you give out. By the way I never take this personally, I always think of the source, this is a forum, but you and your other progressives seem to feel that only your side should have free reign about what is said. Forums do not work that way. When you bait folks they come back at ya. get it!

I am getting tired of playing ping pong with you, Rabbit. I think you have had pretty free reign on this "forum" since you came back. Time to give some of the other original thinkers on your side a chance. I am sure they have something new and interesting to say, (ps this is sarcasm)

The only ping pong going on here is you not answering any questions. I also did not know that you are assigned to how many posts are allowed here, I thought that was the moderator's job. Feel free to answer at any time or ignore. Your choice. .

Thankyou, I shall ignore. Do you need to get in the last word?

I apologize for it then. I was trying to be funny. I still like "dogmatic rabbit"--it even half-rhymes.

another great saying that applies to the LIDV - “Never argue with stupid people, they will drag you down to their level and then beat you with experience.” ― Mark Twain

That is one of the reasons I try never to argue with you, Sail

TILLIE?!?!? I'm ashamed of you! You're a woman. And yet you choose to perpetuate a negative stereotype about women by saying, ". . . maybe she hasn't made up her mind yet. You know how it is with women." ?!?!?

HUNTER?!?!?! I am ashamed of you not recognizing a little sarcasm when you see it.

I guess you forgot that Hillary set a record in her grand jury testimony for saying "I dont recall" ...... and they say Reagan had alzheimers - Hillary's alzheimers started in the 90's. Even funnier is how those billing records she could not remember showed up on the table in her White House

liberals, democrats, progressives dont have a horse in the race so they dont matter a hoot and should keep their mindless blather to themselves. Trying to demonize a good man is the entire political campaign of the democrats as they dont have anything to run on.

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