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Letter: A vote for transparency

I would like to thank the New Hampshire Senate for supporting SB 120, the bill that will increase transparency in campaign spending, fundraising and advertising.

On Feb. 6 the Senate passed SB 120 in a bipartisan vote of 19-4. Thank you to the senators who voted for this bill. Now we need the House and governor to do the same.

The passage of SB 120 is critical for New Hampshire citizens to know how much money special-interest groups spend to buy our elections.

We have the right to know about every dollar spent on elections. This information needs to be out in the open and publicly reported to increase the public’s confidence and trust in our government. Current law in New Hampshire has a loophole that allows outside interests to spend millions of dollars to influence elections without reporting that spending.

Candidates and political parties must report all of their receipts and expenditures, but special interests are exempt. They should comply with the same regulations as everyone else.

Please contact your state representatives as the bill moves through the House. If you need details before making the call, please contact the Coalition for Open Democracy at 661-8621.



Legacy Comments2

What kind of endorsements and puff pieces do you think the conservative "rag" the Union Leader will be doing? You might want this to be a one party country but it isn't and everyone is free to vote for and endorse which ever political party they want.

.....and what value do we put on liberal rags like this giving endorsements and writing puff pieces for their favorites and demonizing pieces on the opposition? Honestly, why is it so hard for the left to see reality.

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