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Letter: Ayotte’s misguided opposition

Sen. Kelly Ayotte’s opposition to the medical device tax with the claim that it is a “crusher” to small business seems unfounded.

The Congressional Research Service report published in December noted that the tax will fall on the biggest manufacturers, not small businesses. The top 1 percent of firms by asset size paid 80 percent of industry revenue.

Opposition smacks of the all-too-familiar large corporations looking for more of the pie they already have the largest share of.



Legacy Comments3

73% of Medical Device Companies employ 20 people or less. That is a lot of small business. The tax is levied on sales not profits. This tax will also have consequences for new start ups and developing new devices in the long run. The left are under the impression that small business has been given a pass with the taxes in the ACA. Just goes to show you how uninformed they are. Most probably have no clue what medical devices they use will soon see the cost of them go up. Taxes always are passed on to the consumer.

What kills me is how people play with both sides of the deficit. I say that because with this tax, "we" will be paying it in the end. These device manufacturer's will pass their added cost on to us. So that wheelchair will cost that much more. Also what about your private insurance company. They're not going to eat that cost. When you think about all the people they cover, a premium hike is just around the corner. What about Medicaid? That's a shared cost with the state. How's the state going to increase revunues to cover that? Lastly, how about Medicare. Those higher costs are going to be that much larger of a burden on that system. Especially when you factor in that they cover millions. That's got to add up to a chunk of change. Device tax is plain nonsense and hurts the consumer in the end. I really wish the media would investigate this.

medical device tax has already created a job loss of 33,000 in the medical device industry and 132,000 more job losses are expected, according to a new report from the industry trade group the Advanced medical Technology Association (AdvaMed). WAY TO GO DEMOCRATS !

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