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Letter: Ayotte tries to deceive voters

Re “A lost opportunity to address fiscal crisis” (Sunday Monitor Forum, Feb. 16):

Sen. Kelly Ayotte once again tries to deceive voters, by what she says and by what she leaves unsaid. Her depiction of the deficit as a primary issue is misleading, especially when she compares federal expenses to a household budget. We are not a poor country. There is plenty of money – it just doesn’t go where it is most needed.

But what is vicious is what she leaves unsaid. She and her colleagues wish to lower the federal deficit on the backs of those least able to contribute, the ever-shrinking middle class and the poor, the 99 percent who get the short end of the stick. We will hear about things like “entitlements,” which really mean Social Security and Medicare. We have already seen cuts in food stamps.

We live in times when Warren Buffet pays a lower tax rate than his secretary.

We hear reports that huge corporations like General Electric pay on balance no taxes, while their corporate officers are given millions.

When this country faced a true emergency during World War II, those most able to pay did exactly that. Marginal tax rates at times were at 90 percent. These rates continued through the Eisenhower years, when the country armed itself during the Cold War.

In other words, members of the 1 percent did their share. And they still prospered.

If Ayotte truly believes the deficit to be a national crisis, let her talk about revenue.

Let her ask her super-rich friends like the Koch brothers to pitch in and pay. They will still have plenty left over.



Legacy Comments9

The drivers of the deficit were not “out of control spending”, as claimed by the right. Accountability is required for those whose anti-government rhetoric inspired the Bush tax cuts, has slowed the nation’s economic recovery, and inspired repeated acts of economic brinkmanship. Tax cuts, two ill-advised wars, and the Great Recession—all of which happened while a Republican was in the White House—were the principal drivers of the deficit. That deficit is now shrinking—at a faster rate than has been seen in decades. For conservatives, “tax cuts” has been the answer to any problem since the Reagan years. That answer helped fuel the deficit, and has widened the gap between the 1% and everyone else. Federal taxes as a % of G.D.P. in this country have been at or near historic lows for some time—between about 15% and 16%. By comparison, they averaged 18.2% during the Reagan years. The G.O.P., fueled by oligarchs like the Koch brothers, is the party of denial—of real world economics as well as climate change.

Apparently the letter writer wasn't aware the national debt recently topped $17,000,000,000.00. As a non one percent-er, I have to agree with the letter writers comment about what is unsaid. When Jeanne shaheen and Barry Obama were elected, gas was $1.50 per gallon and my families health insurance was comprehensive with small deductibles. Today gas was $3.29/ gallon on north Main Street and my employer has said it will not pay the impending Cadillac tax on employee health insurance,it is less expensive to have employees enroll in the public option. Now that is a vicious assault on the middle class.

The Unions are up in arms about the Cadillac Tax, they are looking for a waiver.

July 4,2008 gasoline was $4.00 a gallon. Recession hits, gas goes down, Obama elected. , Gas was around $1.55 when Bush was elected in 2000, 9/11 happens, Iraq war gas goes up. The President of either party doesn't control gas prices. Nothing is as bad a vicious assault on the middle class as the worst recession since the big Depression. .

To be fair, I remember when I could throw enough gas in my Barracuda and cruise for pocket change, well less than $1.50. It had no connection to political spending habits. We always had artificially low gas prices. But today petroleum is a commodity that is priced by the whim of speculators out for greater profits. One other thing. If you look at the historical changes in tax rates, there is a correlation between them being lowered and the deficit raising. Really look at the actual numbers, a great deal is waste, but spending is not the only problem, once you get past the rhetoric.

1) America does ..... not .... Not....NOT ... have a taxing problem - America has a liberal SPENDING problem. 2) This author himself...." once again tries to deceive voters, by what he says and by what he leaves unsaid" The "cut" in the food stamps by NObama and the democrats was simply returning them to the PRE- stimulus level. By the way - how did that democrat stimulus debacle thingy work out for the readers. 3) the Buffet story is as bogus as NObamas cars for clunkers program. 4) as for the Koch Bros - they are ranked as the 69th in political spending. 5) Always fact check a liberals submissions

Good post. What progressives won't tell you is that seniors have realized a little over 1% cost of living increase. Food stamp and welfare recipients have realized 31% increase in their benefits. We don't see Buffet paying more than he has to in income taxes, what does that say? You are correct, the stimulus did nothing but funnel money to special interest groups, Democrat supporters and unions and guess what, those shovel ready jobs simply spread manure.

Buffet claims his tax rate is 15%. That means pretty much all his income comes from Dividends or Capital Gains. He states his office workers pay a tax rate of between 33%-41% If you have a tax rate of 33% you income would be in the area of $209,000 if married and $171,000 if single. If you have a rate of 41% your income level would be $373,600 if married or single. My guess is some of his employees also are smart enough to have 401Ks and possibly own stock also.

So, exactly what is Warren Buffet's tax rate? And what is his secretary's tax rate? Let's not rely on rumors. I also got a kick out of the phrase "those most able to pay" when it came to taxes. Just like NH's property tax system, right? NH doesn't go by how much money you make and thus your ability to pay, they go by what they say your real estate is worth- whether you even have a job or not. There is as much unfair about taxes as there are opinions as who's fault it is. And for sure, don't blame Kelly Ayotte.

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