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Letter: Awaiting an apology

I must second the opinion of Gil Rogers in his column “City officials unfairly insulted contractors” (Monitor Forum, Feb. 22).

I also was stunned when I read the comments of the city officials, after the second bid for the Main Street construction project came in more than twice what they had estimated. F.L. Merrill Construction has done a lot of good work for the city of Concord over the years, and for two officials to insult the company by using the words “ripped off” about its bid and the Swett bid, is amazing. Instead of the public officials admitting that they are the ones who made the major mistake by significantly underestimating the cost of the work, it is always easier to try to point the finger at someone else.

I also am waiting to see these same public officials apologize for their ignorant words.



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yeah..they're sorry...

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