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Letter: Unattractive

I had to comment on my disappointment in seeing the circles and squares in bright colors running along the sidewalk in front of Gibson’s Bookstore’s new, very attractive building. The color of these shapes is not in keeping with the colors of the building signage. Painting the existing shapes in tones of earthy, muted greens with, perhaps, a simple design in each of a leaf, for example, would be so much more attractive and in keeping with the theme of a “new green Concord” that is soon coming. I hope primary colors are not part of this grand plan! And why is the sidewalk tar? So ugly.



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Art like beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

Leslie, I also feel a ting of disappointment upon the approach to Gibson's Bookstore. But, it's not for the same reasons you've cited, which btw, I believe were designed for the children's side of the store. My regret is for the beautiful White building that once stood in the same space; now gone for good. I miss the old ivy-covered brick edifice. That said, Gibson's is a much better bookstore now. There's no two ways about it. However, at the current rate of demolition, old photos, and Mr Peabody's Way-Back Machine, will be the only way to see Concord's historic main street. No, no, ya can't tell me we're not on the "Eve of Destruction", Barry McGuire.

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