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Letter: A war zone in Moultonboro

The use of fireworks in Moultonboro is totally out of control. Between May and September fireworks explode almost every night from multiple locations. Sometimes the explosions last two to three hours or more. It is impossible to enjoy being outside with the high-decibel levels of fireworks. I feel like I am in a war zone.

The decibel level of a chain saw is 110. The decibel level of fireworks is 140. The higher the decibel level, the more potential for ear damage. I am concerned about the environmental impact as well as the well being of the residents of Moultonboro.

Gilford has an ordinance prohibiting fireworks. Its stated purpose says it all: “The primary intent of this ordinance is to protect people, animals (domestic and wild), buildings, trees, and undeveloped land, from the inherent dangers associated with the storage and display of incendiary materials by untrained and uncertified persons: along with preventing unwanted disturbances attributable to loud bangs and other noises associated with fireworks.”

I ask all Moultonboro residents to vote yes on Warrant Article 21 which bans fireworks in Moultonboro at the town meeting on March 15.



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