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Letter: The great divide

A quick way to determine a Republican from a Democrat: A Republican signs his name on the front of the check and the Democrat signs it on the back.


Wilmot Flat

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What good is a job if the air you breath is filled with toxins? What good is a job if the water you drink is filled with cancer causing chemicals from non regulated business? What good is a job if the food produced is unsafe to eat? What good is a job if the bank you keep your money in makes bad investments and looses your money? There is a reason we have so many regulations on business. Business has proven time and time again that they can not be trusted to do the right thing other than use any means possible to make money for them selves at the expense of everyone else. Just look at what happened with the latest chemical spill that polluted the drinking water of thousands. The responsible business just declared bankruptcy and left taxpayers holding the bag for cleanup.

It was democrats in the federal government that made policy resulting in the crashing of the economy in 2008. Who do you suggest should regulate the government?

Certainly not you.

Post of the year!!!

Democrats want to regulate everybody and everything. They know what is best. Their regulations are based on protecting their political agenda. If jobs are lost, so be it, if freedom is taken away and dictated by the govt, so be it. Basically they believe they know better than you when it comes to making the best choices for everything. No middle ground or compromise. Anyone who has made a bad choice is a victim. They need to be taken care of because they are not responsible for the path they took. It does not matter that these programs do not work, and or get folks on the right path. We see it with everything. Everything has to be managed because if folks are left to making their own choices they will fail. Evidently the American Dream never happened, and folks never were able to manage till the Dems came along and made all their decisions for them. That is where we are at.

I'm confused. Clearly you are aiming at Obama and congress, but Obama was elected in 2008 and didn't take office until 2009. Bush was completing an 8-year term in the the White house and enjoyed a Republican majority in Washington. I don't understand how a 2008 crash became the fault of Democrats. And regarding "job-killing" environmental regulations, if anyone did their homework, they would realize it was the Republicans that were smart enough to realize if they did not slow down and protect environmental resources, that soon there would be nothing to protect (people or resources). The Democrats changed their stance and agreed this was a good thing. The Republicans changed to where they are now.

Democrats took over Congress in the 2006 election and immediately killed the great economic expansion. Can anybody say "Barney Frank"

I would think people who revolted against the reigning government and made a new government where everyone is considered equal, a very radical idea, would be considered liberals. Therefore it must have been the conservatives that came along and ruined it.

All men and women are created equal but not all outcomes are equal. If you are smarter than the next person your outcome might be better. There is no logical argument that everyone be exactly equal. Life was good until 2008, now it sucks, that is the result of liberal policies.

This is exactly the uninformed type of reply that Americans are famous for. Life was good until 2008 and now it's not. This had been building since the late 1970's, we were all living on a bubble that just kept expanding. Eerily similar to the life of the roaring twenties, ring any bells? I think there was a crash then as well. This time people got used to refinancing mortgages because of skyrocketing real estate values, taking out unnecessary home equity loans. We actually bowed to banking pressure and rescinded some banking regulation that let banks act as stock and insurance brokers - this wasn't Barney Frank. Banks couldn't write bad mortgages fast enough and then turn them around and sell them as investment vehicles. We were all part of this and all should have known that bubbles always burst. Now we spend years pointing fingers, placing blame at everyone and their brother because we will never accept responsibilities for our actions. Liberal policies, in your dreams. This was unbridled greed and business running amok, call it what you want, but you aren't fooling anyone with an ounce of brains.

Lets all sing "Countrywide is on your side. Get 125% of the equity in your home."

Wrong, wrong, wrong, it was bearded, aging, liberals with wire framed glasses telling us that we need to be taxed more. It was Barney Fwank and Dodd. Also Obama has deepened the recession by printing money.

Right the republican signs his name to the front and then refuses to honor the check.

that statement pretty much defines the democrat party thinking....hence democrats legislating business and job killing regulation after regulation. It is a wonder how America became so great before the liberals arrived

The Republican writes the check and the the Democrat forges the check for 10X the amount and hands it out to people who say "I agree with you".

I like your new moniker there Sail!

Sail, Van, BPR , one person just trying to give the impression others agree with them.

Actually I can state for the record that is untrue. Van is not Sail, nor is he BPR.

OK, I'll bite. I was really unable to get a clear picture of these job killing regulations. I see the same example repeated over and over concerning lead paint abatement on 1 company. Most links also make mention of our sue happy mentality. Point me to what you consider job killing regulations.

These regulations cost employers over $40B per year that could be spent on payroll. Don't let the description fool you, 2008 Ozone National Ambient Air Quality Standards $19-90 Billion, EPA/AR National Emission Standards for Hazardous Air Pollutants for Coal- and Oil-Fired Electric Utility Steam Generating Units $10 Billion, EPA/AR National Emission Standards for Hazardous Air Pollutants for Major Source Industrial, Commercial & Institutional Boilers and Process Heaters $3 Billion, EPA/SWER Standards for the Management of Coal Combustion Residuals Generated by Commercial Electric Power Producers $0.6-1.5 Billion, DOT/NHTSA Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard No. 111, Rearview Mirrors $2 Billion, DOT/FMCSA Electronic On-Board Recorders and Hours of Service Supporting Documents $2 Billion, DOT/FMCSA Hours of Service $1 Billion

Itsa, many of the "job killing" examples you cite are there to prevent "people killing". Further, a true conservative should know how to work a balance sheet tracking assets and liabilities. You cite only one side of the ledger. I know as a fact that when some of your examples were introduced, they included a cost-benefit analysis that showed more $ benefits than costs to businesses. The industries affected in your examples are powerful and you are parroting their sales pitch beautifully.

NObamaKare to increase Medical codes from 17,000 to 155,000. one of the newest codes is " injured while water skis catch fire"

Maybe we should be like China they have no regulations and plenty of jobs. Of course they haven't seen the sky for weeks and you have to wear a mask but they do have plenty of jobs and don't have to worry about a minimum wage.

Of course if we stop any regulations at all we will instantly turn into China. With progressives it is "either" - "or" , a case of two extremes.

I suggest you look at the 308 EPA regulations G Carson that are down the road for us. 308 new regulations. Basically Progressives want to make sure we keep this economy from growing with new startups and pretty much create more job loss. All based on their obsession with the environment.

An many of those regulations are unnecessary. Most are based on "what if" scenarios. One just needs to look at the regulations restricting water to America's bread basket so that some little smelt can not be threatened. Face it, progressives are completely certain that they know what is best for everyone and Damn It! people are going to listen and comply.

“The Environmental Protection Agency major new regulation today will require oil refiners to install expensive new equipment .......oil refiners say that it will cost their industry $10 billion and raise gasoline costs by up to 9 cents per gallon.”

New Food labeling to cost Business over $$$$ 2 BILLION !

good one

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