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Letter: Troubling times

Friends, Concordites, countrymen, lend me your ears. Today I received my obligatory “your insurance is cancelled” letter from my insurance company. But then again, please recall that those who supported the Affordable Care Act are honorable men and women. Let us briefly see what other mischief these same men and women have wrought on our nation and the world.

Meanwhile, radical Islam takes over the Middle East, and Americans hail this turn of events as an “Arab Spring.” Christians are murdered by the thousands, an American ambassador in Libya is murdered, and a group seeking the destruction of Israel ascends to power in Egypt. And yet the American media’s Greek chorus cries, “Liberté, égalité, fraternité!”

Meanwhile, the former Soviet Union reassembles itself under its supreme leader, Vladimir Putin, as evidenced by recent egregious military actions in Crimea, and Russian tanks once again roll through conquered lands. Meanwhile, China brazenly threatens Japan, possibly precipitating an Asian war that could end in nuclear annihilation.

However, behold! Through the dense fog and din of this existential conflict shine the following glorious words of hope and affirmation: “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness. That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed…” America, Arise, Awake. Stop not until your Goal is reached!



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It is not about Bush, get over it. This is all about Obama and his failures

I am sure if it had been President Al Gore when 9/11 happened you would have a different point of view. It is about harping on Benghazi when 4 Americans died as compared to 3000 Americans. dying. Bunny Rabbit was the one who brought up Bush by saying he kept us safe..

I would not have a different point of view if Al Gore was President if he kept us safe. My statement about that was in regards to all the crap Bush got from the left in regards to security measures. Airport Security and wire tapping basically. We did not get hit again.

My take about CU is that both parties benefited from that decision. Unions, Planned Parenthood etc all set up Super Pacs. Not just Conservative groups. I have said many times that money needs to get out of politics. You take money from a special intrest group and you owe them, Just like the Mafia basically. And money prevents some candidates from staying in the game, like Huntsman.

Interestingy, I agree with you completely. Looks like we do have some common ground here. : )

who was it that pulled those air defense systems from eastern Europe - Oh Yea ......NoBama - the same guy that told Putin he could be more flexible after NObama got reelected. NObama has also budgeted to cut by 25% the AWACs jets

It is also very enlightening that the Left has to avoid discussing foreign affairs, budgets, debt and a host of other policies this president has enacted. Instead every issue is political or Bush's fault.

Off subject again as usual.

I will tell you when the US was in a weak and shameful position. When we invaded a country on a phony pretext and then were not ready for what came next. When our President stood on a deck under a banner that said "Mission Accomplished.". When we ran a jail and allowed prisoners to be tortured. All the good will we had in the world after 9/11 was lost and has never come back.

Two wrongs don't make a right. The world feared us then, they laugh at us now as weakling citizens and doves like Obama, naively think like Rodney King....."why can't we all just get along".....I think though that Obama said that Al Qaeda and the terror threat was over. Then again he also thinks we have 56 states and he believed that under his health plan we could keep our own doctors.

Question - since 9/11 just what great threat has Al-Qaeda posed? After the well coordinated 9/11 attack, what have we had, the underwear bomb, the shoe bomb? Homeland Security could not protect us from a lightly armed toddler. So other than some conveniently timed "imminent threats" They have posed little homeland threat. Terrorism will never be over, btw.

Ah yes, all the good we had in the world. How good is the world now Tillie? I suggest you bone up on subjects you refuse to discuss. Waterboarding is not torture. Bush kept us safe after 9/11 with no help from the left who fought all his security measures at every turn. They did not even want security measures at airports, nor wire tapping to check out terrorist chatter. I am very thankful he was at the helm when the terrorists hit. We all saw what Clinton did when he was offered Bin Laden. He refused. But that is not how the left play in regards to foreign affairs. They have no clue about anything but what they want the government to provide for them, social issues, and demonizing anybody that disagrees with them.

You live in a Bizarro world, with little semblance of reality.

this from the person who believes calling someone to testify before Congress is harassment and illegal...

"Waterboarding is not torture." -- Oh my!!; ; BTW, not sure what waterboarding has to do with Obamacare.

Yes, waterboarding is torture as is the constant diatribe from progressives appearing here daily.

Here is another cliché for you. If you can't stand the heat, get out of the kitchen.

Bunny, exactly what did Bush protect us from after 9/11? I must have missed the story. Iraq was never a post 9/11 threat to us. Iraq was never a hot bed of Al Qaeda activity. He had personal reasons and regardless of WMD.s (which were never a threat to us) he invaded Iraq because he knew we could win. Not so with Korea, which was and still is more of a world threat. Before you attack those that disagree with you, make sure you are clear that you grasp what you are talking about. You my fellow commentor are the clueless one, not those that you attack.

A better question might be, why didn't he protect us from 9/11? All the planning that went into those attacks on our soil (not a world away in Libya) and nothing was done beforehand. Rice was given a memo by Clinton warning of Bin laden planning to attack the US, and it was ignored. It was as bad an attack on Pearl Harbor and no one in the Bush administration paid a price for it. When it was finally safe for him to stick his head out, he stands on some rubble with a megaphone and his poll numbers go up. Amazing.

Obama is a laughing stock on the world stage. He wants to gut the military, he has shown on the world stage that he thing "negotiating" with thugs is effective. We see that with Iran and his weak sister approach to use the United Nations and reduce sanctions. Putin has out maneuvered him at every turn, the North Koreans know that he can be pushed around. We have never looked weaker to the world. Obama and Democrats are pulling back from a strong military which is the only thing that really puts other countries on notice that we can react to any crisis in the world. He declared that we are no longer a "super-power" and John Kerry declared the Monroe Doctrine "over". Poor leadership, lack of will to defend freedom and playing on the world stage like a weak sister emboldens others who see the opportunity to raise havoc.

The Monroe Doctrine is over, say it's not so. Wake up, do you even know what the Monroe Doctrine was, it's been irrelevant since the mid 1850's., I'll give you a hint - ---- was a policy of the United States introduced on December 2, 1823. It stated that further efforts by European nations to colonize land or interfere with states in North or South America would be viewed as acts of aggression, requiring U.S. intervention.----- so yes I would say it's dead, no news there. Now your next gaffe, gut the military. Where did you read that, in the comics. As of 2012 the US military spending was 4 times that of the second place country, China. Technology has lessened the need for the philosophy of "throwing bodies" at the enemy. So reducing the size of the military is just a natural progression of the times. As for North Korea, they have always been a rogue nation that lives within their own little fantasy world. No one has been able to deal with them since the Korean War ended, they are just plain nuts. So why not double the check the calendar, it's 2014 not the 1890's. Obama is no great statesman, that is no secret, but if you could set partisanship aside, who out of the present set of presidential wannabees has any foreign policy credentials besides Hillary on the democratic side. Being a first term member of Congress does not make one qualified as is apparent today.

The Chinese are infiltrating many Central and South American countries, a Russian destroyer docks in Cuba. I think if a naval fleet from Iran was off the coast you would still rest easy and not care. If you think that drones can fight a war without boots on the ground, think again. Peace is achieved through strength. When anohter country flexes it muscles they know that we do not have the will or guts to stand up and protect free people. By the way, Hillary has NO foreign policy credentials in reality, she accomplished nothing. Obama had NO credentials to be president but idiots voted for him anyway.

Sorry but judging from the source, my 3 year granddaughter has a better grasp on reality than a certain 4 posters on here. You are correct about Obama's credentials, but no republican wanted or would have been elected anyway. McCain and Palin, the only ticket that could have been weaker was one with Romney. Oops, that's why he was reelected. Let's see how the GOP shoots itself in the foot the next time. Please be Ted Cruz, please please. Maybe be he could run with Palin. Can we say President Clinton again.

It is axiomatic that die hard GOP mouthpieces would blame what is happening in Ukrane and China on the President. Why don't you enlighten us all with exactly what it is that our President should have done to prevent just these 2 situations from occuring. Tell us all, please, what our President should do in response. If you actually can't come up with an answer, then please stop embarrassing the members of the Republican party who actually are fairly intelligent people.

kept the Bush sanctions in place after the Russians invaded Georgia...instead of hitting the reset button...hows that?

for GDN1 .... "the buck stops here" ..... The USA has diplomats, ambassadors, envoys, trade councils, state dept experts located across the globe. Reagan tore down that wall and won the cold war. Real leaders do amazing things. A community organizer gets the quality of advisers he deserves... can you say amamda powell, susan rice , hillary....STOP making excuses for his massive failures

Don't worry GDN I hear Cheney is mouthing his opinion blaming Obama for the Ukraine and China as well.

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