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Letter: Misplaced priorities

Bridge destruction may be big news in some places, but I found it puzzling that it was displayed as the biggest story on the Monitor’s front page Thursday, the day after an astounding episode in the U.S. House of Representatives. For a chairman of a House committee (Rep. Darrell Issa from California) to close a hearing while the ranking minority member (Rep. Elijah Cummings of Maryland) was attempting to speak has to be one of the more disturbing scenes to this former U.S. history teacher.

I would have thought that such an unnerving event would at least get some coverage, or maybe an editorial comment, in the Monitor.



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REAL NEWS - not the false democrat rhetoric: "The Democratic chairman of the Senate Health, Education, Labor, and Pensions Committee declared Wednesday that cabinet secretaries do not have to answer questions at hearings if they don’t feel like it, the latest breakdown in collegiality. In a politically-charged atmosphere during a hearing on increasing the minimum wage, HELP Committee Chairman Tom Harkin brushed aside ranking Sen. Lamar Alexander´s request for a “yes or no” answer from Labor Secretary Thomas Perez. Alexander was asking Perez if he believes that the Congressional Budget Office is qualified to judge the impact of raising the minimum wage". ........ The Democrats are utterly corrupt, lawless and shamefull. They are wreaking havoc and destruction on the foundation of our government and country. Maybe Alexander should have behaved more like Elijah Cummings and he would have been more successful.

As a black lawyer and congressman, he is familiar with voter suppression, so naturally he is against voter id which is aimed at keeping Democrat (black) voters from voting. Simple. In a very rare move Issa apologized so obviously he realized he had been wrong.

If voter ID is stopping anybody from voting, especially the poor and blacks, why has the left not used that argument in regards to other things requiring an ID? Folks cannot get their meds because they need an ID. They cannot get an on airplane because they need an ID. They cannot cash a check without an ID. They cannot get a driver's license without an ID. So basically, the left is stating that requiring an ID is only an issue with voting. They have no issues with an ID being required for other things and believe that voting should be the only place where an ID should not be required. And if we have all these folks without an ID, where are they? They are not being interviewed on TV.


Don't you need an ID to get the EBT card, welfare, food stamps, unemployment? I think so. You can't live without an ID. That is a straw man, red herring argument.

Responsible Republicans want everyone to achieve their dreams. Having an ID is a basic requirement to success in life. Why do democrats fight against a citizens chance to achieve their potential? Did you read the story about the woman found muffied in her car after being dead for 6 years. She voted in 2010 - guess who she voted for.

If you want a really big story...try having the president of the US declare "not a smidgen of corruption" at the IRS..while 3 congressional investigations are ongoing, and the partisan hack at the center pleads the 5th...that might be a big story....bigger than Donnesbury I bet.

Cummings was outed by the woman who was testifying from True The Vote. He sent her 3 letters when he was on his harassing spree with them. He is anti Voter ID and anything to do with making sure voting is not corrupted.

You can't say that RabbitNH, it is "racist", remember, if a person is black, Hispanic a woman or a minority of any kind there is a double standard.

correction....Issa gaveled the meeting closed and THEN Cummings tried to speak. Issa has the gavel for a reason...he runs the meeting. Issa also did ask Cummings what he wanted to say and Cummings said he had a question. Issa said to ask it (to who I have no idea. Lerner had plead the 5th)...But Cummings did not have a question..he wanted to make a scene, which was successful because now most of the people who dont pay attention to the actual events...are talking about Issa and Cummings and not Lerner.

it was just grandstanding on Cummings part - NOT NEWS

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