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Letter: How many laws are enough?

Re Stephen Power’s letter, “We can do more to stem gun violence” (Monitor, March 6):

Allow me to reassure readers that all U.S. Navy veterans are not clones. There are others among us who don’t believe that our government is able to do anything “responsibly,” or use “common sense.”

In contrast to Power, I am not an NRA member and absolutely support all of the original 10 amendments to the U.S. Constitution. I do not support any government plan for expanded background checks and don’t trust our government to do much of anything correctly! Particularly under the current administration.

Yes, it’s just terrible that all of us must endure a lifetime of risk, but to believe there’s a life without risk is foolhardy. There’s usually little reward without risk!

How many laws are enough? I’m relatively sure that when General Washington was trying to round up volunteers to fight the British, he didn’t bother with “expanded background checks” before issuing arms to those who stepped forward. I’m also sure that many of those volunteers used their squirrel guns for things other than squirrel dinners, and some would have been unlikely to pass background checks.

How about we return our federal government to attending to the only chore the framers wanted it to attend to? That of protecting our nation from enemies, both foreign and domestic, and securing our individual freedoms and liberties! What business does the government have with education, health care, transportation, what we elect to ingest, et al?



Legacy Comments1

Right on, George. I've been explaining for years that the reason new gun laws are opposed is because they won't prevent the crimes they intend to stop; then more laws will be proposed and enacted. The new laws will do nothing, so even more laws will be enacted, and so on. Just think about this; 50 to 100 years ago for instance, when gun sales had few restrictions and as they story goes, kids could bring a gun to school for after-school hunting, where were the mass murders of innocent people? Go ahead, tell me about them! If you can't think of any, proceed to the next question - what has changed in America? It certainly has nothing to do with gun laws!

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