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Letter: History lesson

I may be looking at life though overly rosy glasses, but I believe Kenneth Georgevits is absolutely mistaken in believing our country has never been more divided (Monitor letter, Feb. 24). Good grief! Hasn’t he studied any history?

Rich versus poor? How about the railroad and other industrial barons of the late 19th century as opposed to the immigrant tenement dwellers? Blacks versus whites? We have moved a step or two beyond the Civil War. Men versus women? Depends on who you ask. We can vote now, something women could not do before 1920. Gay versus straight? That divide occurs only among people unwilling to truly understand the issues. Haves versus have-nots? Depends on what you think you don’t have. A person can be rich in the manner they choose without having a penny in the bank.

Of course there are differences. Always have been, always will be. How dull life would be if millions and millions of us were all cut out of the same piece of cloth! Furthermore, I’m of the opinion that not all of the ills of this country are the direct result of what Barack Obama, all by himself, has done or not done, though there are those who really believe that is so.

Am I steamed? You bet.



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