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Letter: Who pays?

In her letter (“Forced on us,” Monitor, March 2), Carol Veers complains that the Affordable Care Act has been “forced” on people like her. The question we should be asking is why should taxpayers have to be “forced” to foot the bill for people who choose not to get health care insurance and then decide to use expensive emergency services. Sensible and responsible citizens who choose to get health care insurance are forced to pay for the uninsured in the form of overcrowded emergency rooms, higher insurance premiums and more and more taxes.



Legacy Comments3

still the same people paying though...isnt it?

FYI only 11% of all Nobamakare enrollees did NOT have health insurance - way to go democrats - ruin a whole country on a whim

The uninsured minute expense of all health Care expenses does not give democrats an excuse to destroy the best health Care in the world. Ask a democrat why in the 2800 pages of NObamakare there is not one sentence about TORT Reform and going after the ambulance chasing trial lawyers .

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