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Letter: Working at McDonald’s, eating on food stamps

Re “Poorly paid workers end up leaning on taxpayers for help” (Monitor Forum, March 12):

Thanks to House Speaker Teri Norelli for her column depicting McDonald’s outsourcing its employees’ food expenses to taxpayers via food stamps. And thanks also for the notification that in many states the largest number of Medicaid recipients are WalMart employees.

The Walton family, which still controls Walmart, has a net worth of $89.5 billion. Between 2007 and 2010, the Waltons’ wealth increased by 22 percent while median American incomes dropped by 39 percent. Compare the Waltons’ near-$90 billion worth with the 2013 budget for the state of New Hampshire, signed into law by Gov. Maggie Hassan last June: $10.75 billion. If the Waltons felt so inclined, they could underwrite the cost of running our entire state government for a whole year and still have almost $80 billion left over!

These numbers offer a terrific illustration of growing income inequality. President Obama has been trying to combat this inequality through executive orders.

But even more frightening are the ways families like the Waltons (and, of course, the Kochs and others) are trying to manage information. Because of Citizens United, it is difficult the trace the money they spend on political campaigns, but I have no doubt they have spent huge sums already to defeat Sen. Jeanne Shaheen and our two congresswomen. Moreover, the Walton family has simply bought and paid for an entire academic department at the University of Arkansas. UA now houses a Department of Education Reform. That’s the euphemistic language used by right-wing think tanks and agitators to promote the privatization of America’s once-great public school system. It certainly means to undermine teachers and make educators into low-wage workers who will need to join the applicants for food stamps and Medicaid.



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Off topic but annoying. Going to NYC and of course wanted to fly out of Manchester. Cheapest non stop for two is $902.00. Jet Blue out of Boston is $524.00 for two. So we build a ramp to get to MHT airport, then we have a bus going to MHT, for what? Who are the folks who are willing to pay such a huge difference in cost?

The issue of minimum wage is an easy one. If FOF says adults work at McDees, show us the stats that prove that those adults are not working PT and have another income from a spouse. Also show us the age groups who work for MW, their ages, their income levels etc. Very easy to find in the Labor and CBO reports. That will tell the tale. MW hurts those entering the work force for the first time period. Mostly young adults. The % of single Moms working for MW is very low. And most folks who work for MW do work PT. Those crappy jobs serve a purpose. They are suppose to get you into the workforce, learn the ropes, and hopefully instill in you what your life will be like if you stay at a crappy job and do nothing. Basically you will live from pay check to pay check and struggle always. There are college students working and going to school working for MW. That is true. And there are a lot of illegals working for MW. To understand MW get the facts about who are actually the folks working for that salary. otherwise you do not know what you are talking about.

Flipping burgers or shaking salt over french fries were jobs not intended for people who need to support a family. These were jobs meant for teenagers after school or weekends. If your 25-30 years old and you're still flipping burgers for minimum wage, you have no business starting a family. The liberals/progressives/Democrats will go nuts over the previous sentence. However, it's the God's honest truth.

I agree with you. You are paid in life by contribution and the level of responsibilty you have. Salting french fries is not a skill. If you have no skills (by the choices you make) you set the stage for your earnings. If you are not able to do something, well, that is a different story.

But Itsa, when you go to McDonald's, you want your food cooked to standards, and you want your fries salted. Theoretically, it sounds like the jobs don't contribute much.... but as long as people are eating at McDonald's, those jobs are vital to the customers. I don't think you can have it both ways. Bottom line for me is that if someone is working 35 or 40 hours a week, at ANYTHING that people are willing to pay for, then they should not have to live in poverty, regardless of their age.

I agree and it may in the long run it may have more long lasting effects that some CEO or some one sitting at a desk. And it is much physically harder and I don't think many that post on this site would be up to it for 40 hrs a week.

You obviously Tillie have no clue what anybody who disagrees with you did to get to where they are. Personally I prefer physical labor over mental labor. But I also have to make money and support my family. I cannot do that at Burger King. Found that out when I worked there. The job was boring, and the managers left something to be desired. You have been given insight to folks lives here on this forum. Many have volunteered things about their lives. Yet you mock them. Yeah it is quite disturbing that we have many on here that detest hard work, success and managing their own lives. Instead they cry "Not Fair". Just like a teen that has been told they have a curfew. We use to celebrate success, not anymore. No wonder our kids are so screwed up. And success in my book is not wealth. So get that straight. It is taking responsibility, learning from bad choices and raising good kids. So you can say, you did your best. If you cannot understand that, I got nothing for ya.

Get yourself a soapbox.

Again, this is a forum. I gotta hand it to you Tillie you are consistant..

Who says it is a forum? You? It is nothing but a place for people to give their opinions. If you want to make a speech, rent a hall. Hope you enjoy your trip. Flying out of the bluest city into the second bluest city in the country. Wonder how these two cities even survive being full of progressives.

Many times in my life I have held two jobs because one would not pay the But, what is the worth of a person salting fries? That is the real issue. Many on my team work for $25-$35 per hour and let me tell you, they earn it. They manage the equivalent of the people salting fries who earn, in my world $10-$15 per hour. Few places pay minimum wage, very few. If you look at those fast food jobs, they are not skilled jobs and they are not in demand and really not meant for long term adult employment unless you look at advacement to management.

Itsa - the question for me is not "what is the worth of a person salting fries?" For me, every person is worthy of being treated with dignity and respect... and a living wage. The better question, for me, is "What is the worth of salted fries?" If I want my fries salted (or my burgers flipped, or my trash emptied in my office, or my papers filed, or any of a myriad of tasks most people take for granted, then I should be willing to pay that person a living wage to do it, regardless of their age, and regardless of how long they have been or intend to continue working at it.

And yet there are plenty of adults working there because they are unable to find jobs elsewhere. And what about Walmart? Is that only for teenagers too?

Wal-Mart is another entry level job, they pay more than McDonalds. You accept a job for what it is, if it does not work for you, just don't take the job.

"just don't take the job" is very simplistic. Do you think that most people who work at "entry level jobs" want to work there long term? There are other factors at play that force many of them to take or to stay in low paying jobs.

I would like to think most people that take these entry level positions if they want to do better for themselves and work hard will eventually work their way up the totem pole to more responsibility and a high wage. Why would you take that achievement away from them by "giving" them something they didn't earn. AND we are really talking about such a small percentage of people here really. This must be more about getting votes and really caring about people. People like to know they EARNED something from working hard, gives them a sense of pride.

HEADLINE: BestPresidentReagan vows to live on minimum wage for a year to show how easy it is.

1) President Obama's 2015 Budget seeks to impose a $50 per month minimum rent on tenants living in USDA Rural Development (RD) financed housing. They are vulnerable households who temporarily or permanently do not receive Social Security, Disability, or other assistance and have no regular full time employment. They are simply unable to pay minimum rent.....NO - It is not a joke) 2) Don't Be Fooled, This Bill Would Actually Harm Manufactured Home Buyers, By Doug Ryan , The (100 % democrat only) - Dodd-Frank Act brought the manufactured home lending industry into the light by applying many of the same laws and regulations that govern mortgage lending, and giving the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) supervisory and regulatory authority within the market. They have essentially killed lending on mobile home......that folks is the real democrat party - always against the little guy

HEADLINES - Responsible Republican want ID's for everyone which is essential to participate in the main stream of life and for anyone to fulfill their dreams....Democrats fight against ID's for everyone so the liberals can promote their false racial political strategy

HEADLINES: Over 500 economists sign open letter opposing a federal minimum wage increase HEADLINES: Prominent Billionaires Come Out Against Obama's Minimum Wage Hike Proposal. HEADLINE: Democrats are making income inequality worse Washington Post, by George F. Will. HEADLINE: Study: Income Inequality Greater, Growing Faster in Blue States - CNS HEADLINE: ObamaCare will hasten income inequality, union report says. HEADLINES: Study Finds Highest Income Inequality in Cities That Voted For Obama. HEADLINE: CBO says minimum wage bill would cost 500,000 jobs in 2016, according to a report released Tuesday by the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office. 5 years later. HEADLINE : Obama’s close Celebrity Pal Has A Half- Brother On Food Stamps, Even Though She’s Worth $350 Million HEADLINE: Obama's half brother lives in a hut lives on dollars a year. MA Senator Liawatha Warren: My Brother Lives on $13K a year... How’s that democrat Wreckovery working out for ya? "avoid Detroit 2.0" and "stop Democratic incompetence and corruption, vote Republican."

Watch out BPR, the truth hurts.....progressives.

So any truth to the rumor I'm starting, that you and sail are twins separated at birth???

GCarson - they're actually conjoined twins, literally sharing the same brain. Yes, I mean literally.

Try realists, achievers, adults. Our get up and go never got up and went. Others never had a get up and go.

Well, we are conservatives which means that we left the sixties back in the sixties and matured. We are not overgrown, wire rimmed, bearded hippies who never gave up the silly idealism. We live in the real world.

Interesting, I heard a discussion by a California libertarian who used to be editor of American Conservative Magazine. He is spearheading a ballot question to raise California's minimum wage to $12 an hour. He says taxpayers in Cal. subsidize Walmart, McDonalds and other low wage employers in the state who will not pay their workers a livable wage. The working poor cost the state 25 billion in state benefits every year. Makes sense to me. Why should taxpayers be on the hook helping these employers pay low wages?

Currently, the federal government administers roughly 80 means-tested poverty-assistance and welfare programs, on which it spends $750 billion a year — that’s a larger cost than defense, Medicare, or Social Security. It is a sprawling, growing bureaucracy with almost no meaningful oversight or guiding vision. Federal agencies seek higher enrollment to swell their budgets (the USDA, for instance, trains food-stamp recruiters on how to “overcome the word ‘No’”), while states have an incentive to overlook fraud so they can get a larger slice of the tax dollars flowing from Washington. 2) Office for National Statistics found that real wages have been falling consistently since 2010, the longest such period since at least 1964, when comparable records began.....way to go OBama! 3)

What is a liveable wage? You think that should be the criteria that companies need to follow, pay them what they need versus what they earn?

The short answer: Yes. The longer answer: As other conservatives have said here many times - wages are earned, not given. So, I'm not sure that "earn" is the word is the right word here. Companies will always pay want the employee earns. My interpretation of what you are saying here is "companies.... pay them what they need versus what they deserve." It all comes down to a basic question: "Does every working person deserve a living wage, or are some people less deserving than others." You already know where I stand on that question.

Some people work harder than others. Why don't we just hand out BS/BAs to everyone without having anyone having to go college to "earn" them. Then we can all receive a wage we'd like. Or maybe even PhDs...I know I'd like one of those even though I haven't (here's that word again) "earned" it.

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