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Letter: Unwanted

The people of New Hampshire need to be represented by a person from the state, not a wannabe import form Massachusetts. Go back to where you belong, Scott Brown, because we don’t want you here and we don’t need you here.



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Republicans dismiss Scott Brown at their own peril . . .

until the liberal hypocrites support the overturn of the 17th amendment - they have no JUSTIFIED REASON to bash Brown when they all supported Carpetbagger Hillary - GO SCOTT GO !!!!

We elect senators and representatives for the purpose of DC partisan politics is correct. Even if I liked and respected Brown (which I don't) I would not vote for him because he is a Republican. If the Republicans control all three branches they will change the US for decades to come. They will dismantle health care, women's rights, voting rights and gerrymander every state they can and stack the Supreme Court. I was never worried about this before because that is the nature of a democracy, but that was before the tea party and people like Ted Cruz. There are so called "democracies" in the world, (Malaysia is one) where one party had ruled for fifty or sixty years. That is what I see happening if Republicans control our government. Republicans like Brown are so called moderates, so was Romney. But they have no back bone against the far right who are on a mission and he will bend whichever way the wind is blowing. PS All you right wingers on here, this is my OPINION and I need no facts to back it up just my observations of what has happened in red states.

I agree with your opinion that fifty or sixty years of one party rule is bad...look at Detroit and Chicago,,,

Milwaukee , WI (8th) hasn't elected a Republican mayor since 1908.The city of Milwaukee has been run by liberals and progressives without interruption for more than 100 years. What is the consequence of this progressive rule? Milwaukee’s median household income is forty percent below the rest of the country. The black unemployment rate is 27%, three times the national average for everyone. Milwaukee’s population is majority black and Hispanic, and 30% of it lives below the poverty line. A third of Milwaukee’s public school children drop out before they graduate; those who do are barely literate. That’s what progressive policies achieve.

Unfortunately NH has a very limited pool of candidates to draw from so we need imports. After all this isn't about the NH people, it's about national politics. We elect Senator's and representative's for the purpose of partisan DC politics. It's not whether they will do the best for NH, but what they provide for the party. Regardless of whether Brown actually beats Shaheen, the winner is still supposed to represent NH and that means all of it. I have been labeled as being liberal, but that doesn't mean I am anti Brown - I kind of like him and really am indifferent to Shaheen. What's important is to elect the person best suited for the job regardless of party. They represent us not a party.

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