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Letter: Putin the punk

I loved the March 23 editorial cartoon of President Vladimir Putin in his tugboat towing Alaska off to Russia. Caption: “You didn’t say no backsies!” On a more serious note, I am aghast at much of the Republican rhetoric – President Obama is so naive, weak, doesn’t understand. . . .

We just spent a trillion dollars occupying two countries. We still have ground troops in Afghanistan and support troops in Iraq. We lost 4,000 troops and have several thousand seriously wounded back home; that’s not to mention the 100,000 or so dead civilians plus wounded in that area of the Mideast.

I support Obama’s rational, measured response to Putin’s overblown ego: several rounds of deepening sanctions, negotiations, then NATO military response if necessary. Some of the right-wing rhetoric was actually funny. My favorite laugh? It sounded like Sarah Palin has the hots for Putin.

Personally, I think Putin looks and acts like a punk! If I bumped into him, I picture myself chewing gum, while using my best Bronx accent, saying “Hey! Vladdy! Keep your shirt on!”



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