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Letter: A Republican for Shaheen

U.S. Sen. Jeanne Shaheen has earned my vote. I enjoyed working with her when she served as governor and I served on the state Board of Education (appointed by Gov. Steve Merrill). She demonstrated care and concern for the people of New Hampshire. I urge all voters to re-elect Shaheen.

One should exercise the utmost care in considering whether to change horses in midstream. In Shaheen and Sen. Kelly Ayotte, New Hampshire has a fine team, a fine bipartisan team.

Shaheen promotes such bipartisan efforts as energy efficiency and laws to protect seniors from health care fraud. Her effort to simplify student loan information access is timely. As a young Army officer and Green Beret, I learned that serving as a leader can be a lonely post. Shaheen’s considered review of the issues is welcoming. She demonstrates respect for her obligation to serve every constituent, regardless of party affiliation. She supports our military. Every veteran has a friend in Shaheen.

In foreign policy her voice is sought by other leaders. She supports a strong NATO. She recognizes the importance of our national defense and its local impact on New Hampshire defense industries and New Hampshire jobs. She is vigilant and proactive.

In 2014, my vote will be cast to re-elect Shaheen. In years to come I will also vote to re-elect Ayotte. It is time to look at the quality of the leaders serving us, and not merely their political party.



(The writer, a lifelong Republican, ran for Congress in the 2008 2nd District Republican primary and chaired the Republican Rules Committee in the mid-1990s. )

Legacy Comments1

Someone who votes with Obama 99% of the time is NOT non-partisan. She supports NATO and the UN and more war, why of course! Obama started about 6 new conflicts didn't he? This Steiner guy -- good thing he was not elected as it sounds like he's completely uninformed about Shaheen's record of destroying health choices in NH as well as now with Obamacare and her lying to our faces about RTW's purpose, 80 NH residents who tried to get her to have town halls in 2009 with no luck, (instead she issues a bogus insulting press release that said they were not her constituents, huh?) and now requires veterans to endorse her before she will represent them!!!! Shaheen is bad business for NH and needs to have her career lying ended.

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