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Letter: Whose fault is it, GOP?

The Republicans are complaining loudly about the narrow network of health-care providers in Anthem’s lone entry into the New Hampshire implementation of the Affordable Care Act. But the question voters should be asking is this: If the Republicans had not fought so hard to prevent the ACA in any form, if they had not delayed its implementation as long as possible, if they had allowed New Hampshire to build its own health care exchange, would more vendors have stepped forward to offer plans? Would competition among such vendors have given the residents of the state more choices? We already see several other companies readying plans for next year. If New Hampshire has gotten on board with the ACA early on, they might have been ready this year. The GOP loves to blame others for the messes it creates, but voters know better.



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If anthem could do it..others could too. What was stopping them?

What a weird letter. If the ACA is so wonderful, why are the insurance companies not clamoring to get on the networks? It amazes me how uninformed folks are about the ACA. But then again, they voted for it with the 3 carrot sticks that were handed to them. Of course we all know now slowly but surely what is in it. So the excuse machine is out in force. Think of it this way. If it is so good, why do you have to defend it? That tells me you have your doubts about what you supported. We have not even got to the employer mandate yet. Get your excuse list ready for that next.

Who created this mess? The people who created a 2600 page bill fraught with idiocy. that is who created this mess.

Exactly. That is why the Americans for Prosperity ad against Shaheen is so dishonest. It implies it is her fault only 10 hospitals are in the exchange when it is the Republicans that were in charge of the NH Legislature that are to blame. I remember at the time Dems and some Repubs saying by not setting up our own exchanges we were ceding control to the Feds which seemed ridiculous which is what the tea party always complained about. Their hatred of anything Obama took away NH's options.

Correct. Concise. Undeniable.

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