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Letter: Eye for an eye makes the whole world blind

When I was in college my grandfather was murdered. It was devastating to me and my family. His birthday was the day after mine, and we celebrated them together every year. When I was in middle school, I had to write a paper about someone I considered a hero, I wrote about him.

I felt then and continue to feel now that the death of his murderer would accomplish nothing. It would not diminish my loss. It would not diminish the loss of my family. In the next two weeks the New Hampshire Senate has the chance to complete the work the House began by voting to repeal the death penalty. I write to urge the Senate to do just that.

The death penalty is wrong. It is wrong because, at its core, it accomplishes nothing. When we were children, we learned that no matter how hard we tried, we were unable to add two wrongs together to make a right. Somehow when we got older we forgot this lesson. We starting talking about things like retribution, closure and bringing justice to the victims. The premeditated killing of another human is nothing more than a wrong. By no metric is it positive. I urge our lawmakers to do the right thing, the just thing. Repeal the death penalty.



Legacy Comments1

What? A justly executed killer has a 0 probability of killing more innocents. The silly argument of not-a-deterrent- is just that.

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