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Letter: State treats us like children

The state Legislature must think we are all stupid and have to be treated like small children when it comes to casinos. In truth, they are fun. Governments all over the world have them and people use them. I personally like to stop in, have an inexpensive meal, see interesting people, spend $5 or $10 and have a nice evening. It sure beats going to a night club and drinking the night away.

Maybe these do-gooders would like to remove our state liquor stores, keep restaurants from serving alcohol, forbid horse and dog racing, and ban cigarettes and lotteries. Can’t they let people live a little? One thing for sure: Such people will never get my vote.


New London

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Tillie's right, Bill. Nobody drops just $5 or $10 at a casino, and has "a nice evening" (nice minute, maybe). As far as seeing "interesting people" at a casino goes; strike two, Bill. That is, unless you call blue hair, lipstick from nose to chin and pantyhose down around the knees, "interesting people". His wife was no dish either.

Good points. You have to understand that progressives preach diversity, tolerance, understanding, acceptance and inclusion but in real life they practice "I know what is best for you and DAMN it, you will (live, act, speak, think) this way".

democrats only want more money to buy more votes. The only litmus test for Casinos is not if the govt will get more money ( they have plenty) but is it a good recreation for the citizens. democrats have made casinos a piggy bank and that is why it wont pass. Would democrats vote for it if ZERO revenue went to the state piggy bank ?

I don't know what casinos you go to, but I have never seen any interesting people in one. It makes me laugh when I see the ads for one and they have all the well dressed young happy people there. Also I have never dropped in to a casino and lost just $5 or $10 dollars. That is not why casinos exist, it is to make you lose more and more. I have no input on a casino in NH. I have gone to them when I had more disposable income so no hypocrisy, but you must be realistic about how they make their money.

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