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Letter: Hypocrisy from Shaheen

U.S. Sen. Jeanne Shaheen is about as hypocritical as a politician can get.

After five years (five, count ’em) of raising money for her reelection campaign, mostly out of state, now she has a change of heart. Calling for the so-called “Citizens Pledge” is just an example of her having her millions in her campaign account and not wanting anyone else to be able to challenge her financially. Let’s not forget that it wasn’t too long ago that she missed a session and a vote in the Senate, a “scheduling conflict,” so she could go to an out of state fund raiser. She manages to leave that out when she speaks about campaign finance reform. To call on any potential opponent to eschew any campaign funding source after her coast-to-coast effort demonstrates her disdain for the intelligence of the New Hampshire voter. Her loyalties lie with the Democratic Party, not the people of New Hampshire.



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In order to be a successful politician (that is those that get elected and sent to Washington DC) one must possess at least one of the following characteristics (most have all three): Be a born again liar (make promises they know they won't keep to their voters). Be a thief (take bribes from contractors and others). Be a hypocrite (passing laws like Obama care act that does not effect them- only everyone else). To call themselves "public servants" while getting well over $ 100,000.00 per year plus benefits that with values that exceed their income is truly criminal-no matter what party they belong to. They NEVER take vacations like the rest of us; no they have multiple "recesses”! And unlike laws that limit many from working pass 60 (if your an airline pilot for example) they can serve until they die in office! Their average allowance to run their office(s) and pay their staff is 5 million dollars for each member of congress !! They occasionally reduce speeding for the many government agencies but NEVER for their own congressional operating budget go figure. And you wonder why our congress has lower approval ratting than snake poop !!!!

Maybe if we had public campaign financing, legislators could spend more time working and less time trying to raise money. The sight of the Republican would be candidates prostituting themselves before the gambling czar of Macau and Las Vegas was disgusting.

On Feb 19th she, along with Nancy Pelosi, was at a fundraiser at the SF home of a billionaire hedge fund czar . The czar is the exact same kind of people they criticize as the rich robbing from the poor. Masssive hypocrisy as the czar has also pledged $100 Million in 3rd party funding of democrats

Well, someone had to come forward to counter the political war chest of the Koch brothers.

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