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Letter: Fred Phelps and Hannah Dustin

The death of Rev. Fred Phelps took up more than a page of the newspaper (“Farewell, Phelps,” Monitor Forum, March 26). He thought he was a Christian but would be hard put to find any Christians agreeing with him.

On the Monitor’s Hometown page in the same day’s paper was a photograph and brief article about the Hannah Dustin Society Children of the American Revolution and a picture of the young girl officers. This group is sponsored by the ladies of the DAR. Part of Hannah Dustin’s fame is her killing of Indian children, scalping them and selling their scalps for money!

I find this even more objectionable than Phelps. Phelps and his tiny congregation came from Kansas. Hopefully we have seen the last of them. The DAR ladies live among us. Why are they choosing Dustin as a role model? Why also is the statue of Dustin still standing?



Legacy Comments1

Yup, why don't we spend our time focusing on history, the inequities of the past and revising history. That will make everyone feel better. Of course, the Indians killed Dustin's baby. I think more focus on corrupt politicians and a failed President might be a little more to be concerned about.

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