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Letter: Who was Jesus?

For anyone who is unsure or unfamiliar with our religious history, I’d recommend Bart D. Ehrman’s book, Did Jesus Exist? There is no doubt he existed, even from secular sources. The question is: If he existed, who was he? Just a moral teacher? He said he was the son of God. Either he lied, he was crazy or he truly was the son of God. I don’t believe he was crazy, being the best teacher who ever lived. Nor do I believe he lied – there was no darkness in him. We have one conclusion. Happy Easter!



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He was a Jewish carpenter.

That's right, Dan. And here's a little known fact. He had a #1 hit on LORD radio over there. Went like this, "If I were a Jewish Carpenter, and you were a Jewish American Princess..."

It's a slippery slope, for sure, gracchus. Yet not all that different from so many political self-righteous types that use this forum for same purpose. Lots of good American men and women gave their Last Full Measure, so the Melissas in this country can have their say. We don't have to agree with any of them, but we do need to remember that the First Amendment applies to all of us, or it applies to none of us. In that regard, I've got no problem with it.

Melissa, Please be informed of some lesser known, yet well confirmed facts about Jesus. 1) He traded those two fishes & five loaves of bread for what turned out to be a winning scratch ticket, affording him to feed 5000 people at the nearest Rainbow Buffet. 2) It was the Bay of Fundy where he "walked on water", which was really a hidden narrow strip of seabed, since the feat was performed at the height of tide reversal. 3) The "Last Supper" was supplied by Subway, except for Judas, who insisted on a special order from Quiznos, leading Jesus to question Judas' loyalty.

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