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Letter: The maples are safe

Yamile Craven chastises the maple syrup industry for cruelty to trees by depriving them of their nutrition (“Stealing sap,” Monitor letter, April 4). First we couldn’t eat meat, now we purportedly have to give up syrup on our pancakes. What’s next, giving up eating eggs because the chickens are in need of therapy? Perhaps we’ll have to give up water since we’re surely depriving plants of needed moisture.

I’m sure the maple syrup industry can reassure Craven that it’s not cruelly exploiting our crop of maple trees but, gee whiz, where does this bleeding heart bit end?



Legacy Comments2

What about the shivering our sheep are put through, directly after their wool has been shorn? Sleep well tonight, you cardigan sweater lovers, and you know who you are!

Your "what ifs" aren't that far fetched Ron. This is the direction that some would have us move in. Those that have lost touch with the natural world . . .

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