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Letter: Obamacare, Medicare and seniors

On page 18 of the AARP Bulletin for March 2014 is a very good article on Medicare. As seniors, we know that AARP is a very powerful advocate for us. I recommend that you read the article for yourself.

The Affordable Care Act, also called Obamacare, has language that protects guaranteed benefits and “the good news for Medicare recipients is new protections and benefits in the health law that strengthens Medicare and give more coverage,” says Nancy LeaMond, an officer for AARP.

That the ACA cut Medicare by $716 billion is taken out of context and has been used in advertisements for political gain. It is not like taking $716 billion out of a bank account as implied in the ads. The ads are deliberately misleading.

The ACA does a great deal for seniors. People in the doughnut hole have saved more than $8 billion since 2010. The Part A trust fund insurance has been extended to 2026. The medical profession is under pressure from the ACA to improve efficiency and put some controls on costs.

Seniors should really want the Affordable Care Act to be successful. It has a positive impact on Medicare for both present and future recipients.

Seniors should also be wary of politicians who advocate for its repel without explaining how they would guarantee benefits for Medicare.



Legacy Comments2

BALONEY! I say to myself Itsa promoting a "non-political" alternative to AARP, something doesn't sound right. The word "patriotic' warned me. Looked it up because I never heard of it, and low and behold it is a "conservative" retirement group that bills itself as the "alternative" to the "liberal" AARP and it even promotes "family values." Famous buzz words. Nothing political about that, right? It is probably funded by the Koch brothers to finally get rid of Social Security and Medicare.

AARP made a lot of money by promoting Medicare. My suggestion is that if you don't like the politics of the AARP that you join AMAC which is non-political, patriotic and offers almost all of the same benefits as AARP.

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