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Letter: Twitter trail of deception

Kerry L. Marsh, in her letter “Kuster Alternatives” (Monitor, April 15), states “Now, Forbes magazine’s independent survey shows that health insurance premiums are up 90 percent on the individual market here in New Hampshire because of Obamacare.”

She apparently shares the opinion of Jennifer Horn, the chairman of the New Hampshire Republican Party, that this proves Obamacare is “an unmitigated disaster” and that because Sen. Jeanne Shaheen supports the ACA, she should be replaced by Scott Brown. Or whatever.

Hold your horses there, Ms. Marsh.

James Pindell, the political director of, published a piece on April 9 in which he cites the report from Morgan Stanley that started this piece of fiction on its trip around the right-wing echo chamber, from a blogger for to a news release by the New Hampshire Republican party, to a tweet from “a local Republican blogger,” to a retweet by the state Republican Party, to the front page of the Union Leader.

That’s right – in Morgan Stanley’s report on how many insurance agents they talked to in each of the 34 states they surveyed, they admit that they talked to exactly one unnamed insurance broker in New Hampshire. They also talked to only one broker in Delaware, where according to their report, premiums are up 100 percent. In nine other states they also got only one response each.

The fact is, insurance premiums go up just like the price of everything else, always have and always will. Some New Hampshire residents may be seeing their premiums rise substantially, others are seeing them increase slightly, and still others are seeing them decrease because of the subsidies available to them under Obamacare. So, Republicans: Stop embarrassing yourselves with this kind of mindless repeating and retweeting of idiotic so-called facts. Or, on second thought, don’t stop.



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HEADLINE:" Insurance Experts: Obamacare Premiums Set to Skyrocket" HEADLINE: "Obamacare: Many top cancer hospitals off-limits for newly insured" HEADLINE: Health insurance premiums have risen more after Obamacare than the average premium increases over the eight years before it became law, according to the private health exchange eHealthInsurance….. deductibles and out-of-pocket costs like co-pays are also rising…… consulting firm McKinsey found that half of those who haven’t purchased health insurance yet this year cited their inability to pay the premium. HEADLINES: "Average premiums jump 39% to 56% under Obamacare; $2,604 a month in California" - Google any one of them to get the TRUTH about the disaster known as NObamaKare

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