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Letter: Remove your blinders

To my very right-wing leaning friends, President Obama was correct when he said, “If you want to change things, win an election.”

The hard-line, ideological, chest-beating of my way or no way simply won’t win an election. You hold up the Constitution, fantastic. Follow it. Do what it takes to win an election.

To my very left-wing leaning friends, please stop threatening those who have not gotten drunk on the blue Kool-Aid. Even you have to be realistic and understand no system of government can hold up with a 17 trillion dollar debt and growing.

No system of government can have 20 percent of the population supporting the other 80 percent with you looking for even more. How much is a fair share to you? I, for one, think I am taxed enough already. Everyone I ask (both red and blue) says the same. I think I’m lucky to have friends on both ends of the spectrum because it keeps things in perspective for me. Folks, as Americans we agree on more than we disagree on. Let’s build from there.

Does this make me a “sellout” to either side? Does this make me “weak?” Am I a RINO or a DINO? I don’t think I’m any of those things. I’d prefer to be called: Rational.



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Ken, yes it does make you a sellout in today's tunnel vision society. The ruling view is that if you don't buy what the conservatives are selling then you are an un-American socialist with no mind of your own. Everyday you hear people screaming that their Constitutional rights are being trampled. I am still not clear which if any rights have been trampled. The second amendment because they want expanded background checks? Requiring people to have health insurance, this is just common sense? I suppose you could say it infringes on a person's right to be irresponsible. For all the chest pounding being done by the radicals on both ends of the spectrum, just what rights have we lost? The only thing that has been lost is the ability to make rational judgements on our own. Now we have all these high powered special interest groups telling us what to do and think and we just follow like sheep. Not only do we have to take off ther blinders, we have to wake. Not everything that happens in life is the result of politics.

Ayn Rand considered herself rational as well. What kind of nonsense is this: "20 percent of the population supporting the other 80 percent..."? Is it the working poor's fault that their employers (in many cases the only employment they can find) require them to work for wages that drive them to public assistance in order to survive? And as for "my very left-wing leaning friends," you have ignored the clearly observable fact that there is no more left wing. Just more libertarian twaddle posing as rationality. One last point: President Obama did "win an election." Twice. And he still has a multi-year backlog of open positions because the Republican MINORITY in the Senate blocks his nominees. Dan, don't fall for Ken's seemingly sensible ideas. I always thought you were smarter than that.

no more left wing??? you falling for that Dan?

Yes I am sure you are taxed enough we all feel that way, unless you are in the top 10% who are under taxed. And then they complain like Romney and go offshore so they don't have to pay their fair share.

Letter of the week . . . no . . . letter of the YEAR!!! Bravo Ken . . . we so need about a dozen or more letters like these every week. But more than that - we need to elect people who hold this view to political office.

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