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Letter: A curious sponsorship

So Citizens United, the prime force behind the lawsuit to have corporations treated as “people,” sponsors the summit in Manchester where everyone speaks about protecting individual freedoms. Really?



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It was especially interesting to hear Huckabee saying there is more freedom in No Korea than in the US. I suggest he should try a year of "freedom" in No Korea and see if he is allowed back to tell us all about it. Make sure to bring some candles, they have no electricity there.

an informed person might want to go back and read EXACTLY what he said - not - believe what the left wing media creates

What it's all about is people should have the freedom to buy an election, as long as they can afford it. After all the fact that they are rich means they know what's best for all, right??

according to democrats when the Sierra Club and AARP jump in the political arena they are good but when the NRA does it it is bad

Now that's being honest. There are special interests on both sides who pump money into elections. That's a fact, Jack.

I don't think they give a damn what is best for all, only what is best for them and their money and power.

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