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Letter: Morse move is an outrage

What state Senate President Chuck Morse just did is nothing short of an outrage.

I had the honor of serving in the state Senate for 14 years, and I saw a lot. But never in my memory was there anything like what Chuck Morse just did. In all those years, the Senate never simply refused to set a hearing before the appropriate committee on a bill that the House passed.

Not once.

The bill in question, decriminalization of small amounts of marijuana, passed the House with an overwhelming margin, about 70 percent approval. And many of the senators to whom I spoke assured me that while they were not ready to support legalization, of course they would agree to reduce penalties for mere possession of small amounts from criminal to a violation, as every state around New Hampshire has done.

This subject of the bill is not the issue. Chuck Morse’s bizarre action is. In New Hampshire, we have good traditions. Legislators simply do not throw a monkey wrench into a process that has worked well for 200 years. We always let a bill passed by the other body to at least have a hearing. This is an outrage.


New Castle

Legacy Comments1

"As every state around NH has done" that being decriminalizing marijuana. Every state around NH also has an income tax, where's the outrage. Also the former state senator must be upset at the national level with the antics of Harry Reid invoking cloture in the senate to pass the ACA which broke long standing tradition in the senate and more recently using it to increase the national debt ceiling.

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