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Letter: Forgot Canadian hydropower

Amazing! A full-column editorial (Monitor, April 18) on the need for more renewable electrical power in New Hampshire and not one mention of renewable Canadian hydropower! Does the editorial staff read their own newspaper?



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Paul, I think it important to accept that this rag has not been a journalistic endeavor for quite some time. It is a full blown left wing progressive ideology rag. One could easily argue in a court of law that this rag has long ago lost the protections offered journalists under the constitution by being a pure mouthpiece for all things liberal. That should explain to you why this rag avoided any mention of cheap, reliable , abundant, GREEN power available to NH citizens at the drop of a hat

Medieval medical practitioners relied on bloodletting to correct imbalance of the humors. Perhaps BPR ought to consider a course of leeches to relieve this obvious excess of bile.

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