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My Turn: NHGOP tweet hits new low lashing out at Shaheen

The NHGOP Twitter account hit a new low Saturday night when it lashed out at Sen. Jeanne Shaheen for congratulating the Boston Bruins on their recent victory. The @NHGOP tweeted, “You don’t know the first thing about hockey.”

Why would the New Hampshire Republican Party assume Shaheen doesn’t know the first thing about hockey?

She has celebrated Bruins victories for decades. She was a collegiate basketball player. She coached her daughters’ sports teams. She has grandchildren who play hockey.

So why, then, would they assume that she doesn’t know “the first thing about hockey?” Could it be because she is a woman?

This type of stereotyping is something I’ve battled as a female athlete.

“You’re a girl. You can’t be an Olympic skier.”

“YOU won an Olympic medal?”

“This isn’t a sport for girls.”

When I was a freshman at Laconia High School, women weren’t allowed to join the ski team. So I tucked my hair into my hat and went by the name Tommy. They told me I couldn’t be a female athlete.

And now, 61 years later, Jeanne Shaheen – the first woman to be elected as both governor and senator in history – is being told she can’t possibly be a sports fan. Because she’s a woman.

The audacity of the NHGOP never ceases to shock and amaze me. This is the same party whose former chairman recently compared Shaheen to Betty Crocker cake mix in an op-ed.

And it was an NHGOPer who last week decided that pay discrimination exists because women are less motivated than men.

The string of aggressive tweets that came out of the NHGOP were perhaps so unsettling because they came out of nowhere, yet from what seemed to be a very angry, bitter place.

They were unprovoked and nasty, and made giant presumptions about Shaheen based on her gender. The Republican Party clearly still has a problem with women and women’s issues.

Meanwhile, Scott Brown happily sent out a congratulatory Bruins tweet from his account with no backlash suggesting he wasn’t a true hockey fan.

Perhaps because his name is Scott and hers is Jeanne.

(Penny Pitou, who was the first American skier to win an Olympic medal in a downhill event, lives in Gilford.)

Legacy Comments18

Shaheen has somehow convinced post menopausal women and "low t men" (every six years) that the demon republicans are out to steal their private parts if elected...No one can even name 1 thing Shaheen has done as a senator..

Great letter. If you haven't lived through it you just don't know.

Great letter. If you haven't lived through it you just don't know.

next time you see Shaheen...ask her to name one current Bruins player...or the coach..

Next time you see Brown, ask him what the capital of NH is.

Don't think G-dub will consider that a slam because I don't think she supports Brown - he's way too "wishy washy, flip-floppy, independent" for her.

Believe me if it is Brown vs Shaheen she will support him.

you had me at "don't think"

I have face time scheduled with Shaheen in a few weeks during my next trip to DC..... will ask her.

Who in the world reads twitter? Isn't Twitter where gossipy school girls go to giggle with their BFF about Biff kissing Jenny. OH !!! now I get why democrats are upset - liberals sheeeeesh

who are your gossipy schools girls giggling - Appears that would be the NHGOP, it is their twitter site.

Well Biff predates me as a name, but my feelings on those that Twit is the same. Nothing is stupider in my book.

Republicans are a party of cowards, because no Republican has the guts to stand up to such vile thinking and downright ignorance. No Republican will make the effort to turn the party away from such anti-American conduct. I come from a long line of Republicans, and they would be ashamed at what passes for "conservative" politics.

Not how I see it Veritas. The right is doing exactly what the left want them to do. Buy into gender, race and everything but the issues. Reason for that is to put folks on the defensive, so the subject will be changed. Get them involved in an emotional discussion, so they have to defend the names they are called by progressives. Called Bait & Switch. Jerry Springer made a career out of it. Feminists have been hypocrites ever since the start of the movement. They talk about choice, if it is the choice they agree with. Every stay at home Mom found that out when feminists trashed stay at home Moms. Hillary said she was not going to stay home, bake cookies and stand by her man. And we all know how Palin faired with feminists. All of a sudden it was okay to abuse a woman if she was a conservative. This is how far we have sunk these days. We accept hate rhetoric. Even the President is okay with it. He has no issue with his race being used to shut down opposing views. He is the leader of us, and never once said Stop It. The message there was it is okay. Most sane people are disgusted by the rhetoric. It is unacceptable. But now it is nothing more that a political tactic used by the left. And the right are stupid enough to buy into it by allowing themselves to take the bait. The GOP and The Dems are an insult to those that have voted for them. We should all be disgusted with both parties. We have become The Jerry Springer Show. Dysfunction to the max.

Why do you keep bringing up Jerry Springer? Who watches him?

I was comparing our political climate today to a TV show that embraced dysfunction. We embrace dysfunction in the US. We are drama junkies that ignore the issues and focus on dysfunctional pols, that use us to get our votes. pretty much he said she said, they do it so can we and imaginary wars invented to divide us. No honest discussion here, statements are ignored, stats are ignored, and our govt is dividing us. We allow it. We vote them in. If your lead to believe the problems in the US are based on victimization, throwing more money at failed policies, and convincing folks that folks should be judged on their political affiliation, then you are being dooped. Stupid is as Stupid does. Gump.

Nail, meet hammer. Very well said, Ms. Pitou. I love your story.

Better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak out and remove all doubt. - Abraham Lincoln

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