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Letter: On Sterling, blame media

Well, at least he didn’t use the n-word. Then polite, respectable media (such as this paper) would have been unable to quote his exact remarks because we all know the n-word doesn’t actually exist – despite the fact we all know exactly what it means and that it has deep historical significance for this country.

The same applies to Donald Sterling’s racist views. Apparently they were very well known by many people in high and low places, including those in the media, but they were not only tolerated but abetted so long as he distributed his wealth in the proper places.

But when his views became public in a way that exposed our own hypocrisy about racism, then we had to do something. So we did, and if he sells the Clippers he will probably be money ahead on the long-term. Take that, racist.

The real shame in this whole affair belongs with the media.



Legacy Comments2

What do Celebrity cook Paula Deen, A&E star Phil Robertson, Mozilla CEO Brendan Eich and Cliven Bundy all have in common. What do HBO star Phil Maher, MSNBC host Sharpton, Obama's preacher Jeremiah Wright, USA Today columnist Julienne Malveaux, Louis Farrakhan, Hollywood director Spike Lee all have in common.

Well ALL of those names are names of bigoted hypocrites . . . but I think I see where you're goin' with this one BPR ;-)

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