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Letter: Ike warned us

Hey American, wake up. Does anyone know what’s going on with the U.S. and the world? Has anyone asked themselves why are we doing joint military exercises with countries bordering Russia? Isn’t that like saber-rattling? Why are we even involved?

Russia does only 15 percent of its economic business with us, while it does 85 percent with the European countries. The problem in Ukraine is either a Ukrainian problem or European problem, not ours.

Why was the head of Shell Oil and BP Oil having private meetings with Vladimir Putin if we were putting sanctions on Russia? The answer to that is the same as why we were in Iraq and now getting out of Afghanistan – oil. When and wherever oil is an issue you can bet the big business honchos are involved, both politically and monetarily.

Our Congress isn’t working for the little people and hasn’t been since Dwight Eisenhower retired as president. He warned Americans to watch out for the military industrial (Big Business) taking over, and it has. Why is it we just can’t give moral support and stay out of foreign issues that really don’t concern the American people?

Wake up, Americans, before it’s too late. Let’s make our leaders listen to us and not to the big business honchos.



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Ike - another great Republican who could never get elected as a Republican today.

because MSNBC would be calling him a racist war monger 24/7

If Ike could see what passes for serious conservatism he'd look up his old comrade, Marshall Zhukov, and suggest they both drink themselves into a stupor.

all the more reason to support Keystone pipeline and Northern Pass

Northern Pass I can see, but letting the Canadians expand their Keystone Project to export more oil. That was has me confused.

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