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Letter: Oil mess ahead

How interesting that the article on the pro Keystone pipeline rally was placed next to the article on the pipeline emergency preparedness bill being sent to Gov. Maggie Hassan (Monitor Local & State, May 1).

This is the reality of our situation: States are required to have a plan to clean up oil spills before the pipeline even gets approved.

There’s all this talk of jobs. The State Department estimates Keystone will create only 1,000 temporary jobs and 50 permanent jobs.

In 2010, the pipeline spilled heavy crude oil into the Kalamazoo River in Michigan, one of the costliest spills at over a billion dollars. Thirty-five miles of river was quarantined and the EPA had to step in to demand the cleanup continue. One can safely assume the majority of jobs created will be in the cleanup department.

What would you prefer, jobs in the clean energy field or jobs sifting out toxic sludge from your nation’s drinking water?

I’d like to respond to what U.S. Senate candidate Scott Brown had to say at the rally: “It’s important to develop that very important trading relationship with Canada and then step back from our dependence on foreign oil.”

Before representing Americans, Scott Brown, you should learn the facts. The purpose of the Keystone pipeline is to divert Canadian oil from refineries in the Midwest via pipeline to the Gulf Coast where it can be exported. The American people will not see one drop of this oil, except of course in the cleanup efforts.



Legacy Comments3

Readers need to understand the Keystone Pipeline oil is not for the US, it is for export........ The latest rise in gas prices are the result of exporting US refined gas and diesel fuel to other countries because they can charge a little more there. There are regulations on exporting US crude oil but less on refined US oil. When the gas leaves here it then creates at small shortfall here allowing them to raise prices here. Sounds like an "Enron" deal of creating shortages by shifting the product around.

any simple research would show that pipelines are much safer than the trains that are currently transporting that exact same oil. Do the readers also know that Obama worshiper and major donor Warren Buffet - owns the railroad that transports that same oil. HEADLINE: These Maps Destroy Any Objections to Keystone XL Pipeline ,Washington Free Beacon, by Larry O´Connor

One other lesser mentioned reason for the Keystone Pipeline to the Gulf is, you're gonna love this, it would be nearly impossible to run the pipeline half the distance to a pacific port because of environmental and government concerns.

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