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Letter: Voter ID laws racist

It took the NBA to declare that racism is unacceptable in our society. If only states could be convinced that voter ID laws are far more racist than anything Donald Sterling did or said. There is no evidence whatsoever of significant voter fraud. The sole purpose of voter ID laws is the suppression of the minority vote.

On a related subject, if there is any doubt that water boarding was torture, I would recommend the film, The Railway Man. We should never forget that our country used this technique in violation of our most cherished principles and international conventions. Until we respect the rights of others at the voting booth and under detention, we will be subject to our most primitive instincts of racism and violence.



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Everything is connected to racism today. That is deliberate by the way. So if having an ID to vote is racist, my guess would be that it would follow that having an ID required for anything is also racist. So who do we go after next to stop requiring an ID for service? The local bank or pharmacy?

The writer is wrong with his voter ID and racist link. Voter ID in itself is the norm and nothing new. Everyone today needs ID for any number of things that really is not a question. The whole character of many of these so called laws was to make it difficult for targeted groups to vote. Out of state resident college students for one and any other that were feared of voting democratic. I think racist is an improper description. However don't kid yourself about the ID laws, they are driven by the perception that disenfranchised voters would tend to vote, not about any hyped up baseless "35000 fraudulent votes in NC" bs. Even the Kansas company that compiled the info doesn't stand behind it..... As for torture, we definitely have a double standard. We just don't openly condone it and justify it by claims of national security.

Let's review the media (largely demo controlled) -in Ohio bus load of out of towners were brought in by the dem's -remember the Obama poll worker who bragged about voting 6 times - how about the state that report ~35000 fraudulent votes -in Louisiana - the number of deceased who vote. Then by comparison, w//o a official pictured ID you can not; -get a car registered -get a credit card -open a bank account -open many types of accounts -get a driver's license -get into democratic conventions let alone the WH The evidence is overwhelming - seems only those who condone or plan fraud claim voter ID is a bad idea of racist.

democrats keeping people down is their game plan. Republicans want to make it so everyone can lift themselves up. Not having an ID is a sure way to never advance in our society. Republicans want each and everyone to reach their hearts desire. Providing ID to everyone should be a policy everyone would agree upon - except those that want to make a political issue out of it and call people racists.

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